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Sometimes the truth hurts, and when it comes to the old model for directories some pain may be a necessary experience, but it can be followed by a new beginning for those willing to continue onward.

A view of the problem

Putting up a directory with 1000+ categories, and then waiting for people to come by and submit and hopefully pay you because your directory might pass pagerank or anchor text juice is pretty much not going to help anymore. To confuse matters even more, we have seen some real live examples of directories that bought themselves a high pagerank, but don’t rank for any terms and don’t appear to help sites that receiving a listing, even pagerank 7+ directories!

Where directories went wrong

In a way they were led to their demise by google, and in other ways they failed to see what was on the horizon. People have made a LOT of money from the belief that Google would rank sites higher because of listings in directories, especially high pagerank directories. Moreover, Google did rank these sites higher and pass pagerank. Then slowly they turned off the spigot, and directories have struggled. Worse still, some of the most profitable directories still today make their money because they have a high pagerank and are selling the belief a listing with them will help. Yet as you look at the directory itself and the links therein, it is pretty lame!

It doesn’t have to be this way!

In the old days, a directory was a WONDERFUL place to go to discover some amazing places on the web. Each one was a little different, and as you perused through the categories, you found all kinds of great links. This can STILL be the case, and you can have a directory filled with great stuff! Not only that, you can build it relatively fast, so long as you get involved in the process. Then you’ll start to see traffic increase followed by rankings too.

What you can change right now

Stop thinking of the business as being a series of category pages with a title, description, and URL. That is old school, and while you can still include this kind of listing in your directory, it has to be more than that in a majority of cases. We’ve worked tirelessly over the last year or so developing better ways to present content in your directory so you can intermingle videos, articles, maps, coupons, ads, images, special widgets, and lot more so your directory is that wonderful and fun place to look around and learn about destinations on the internet.

Even if you have an old directory that should be an antique in the internet museum, you can give it a new template, add articles and videos to the homepage, or maybe a map. Then you can quickly delve in deeper and do the same thing on your top level category pages. You don’t even necessarily have to show the typical category list on the homepage if you don’t want to.

First things first

Make your directory a site you like. This should be a primary goal. Again, put some videos or articles on pages that reflect your spin on what is interesting on the internet. Share these pages with people because you are proud of them on facebook, forums or wherever you like to hang out.

The magic returns

Then as you are going about having fun again with your directory, a special things starts to happen. It is a wonderful place again. People are starting to look around and take an interest. The crowds grow. Your ability to sell ads grow. Your ability to offer your editorial skills for payment is easy again. You have a business again.

In a fun way, let’s compete together to build some great destinations on the internet and share what we’ve done with each other, and soon the magic will return!

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Publish date: May 30, 2013
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