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arrow Core Groups for Running Your Website Business (06/15/2008)
People can be your greatest asset, and allow you to grow more than you ever imagined possible.

arrow Improving your Link Quality (06/13/2008)
When a directory site reaches a large size over time, it is very easy to accumulate lots of dead links, links to parked domains, redirected links and more.

arrow Taking Advantage of the Down Times (06/13/2008)
While this article was not written only for the directory owner, I hope it will be meaningful for people here at phpLD too. We all have good times and bad times in our business, and it is important to take advantage of both.

arrow Directory Industry Still Going Strong (05/6/2008)
Thanks to a new report from, it is possible to see that the directory industry is still going strong. Sometimes as we see certain directories get penalized or lose pagerank, there can be a perception that the directory industry is losin

arrow Authority Directory (01/13/2008)
A great job of integrating a blog, photo gallery, articles and mods.

arrow Building a Successful phpLD Directory off of a Good Foundation (07/5/2007)
Noted for its flexibility and simplicity, an online phpLD directory is a great way for a web entrepreneur to earn recurring income. Recurring income is income from the same source that is generated on a regular basis.

arrow Google PageRank and Promotion Tips for your phpLD Directory (06/7/2007)
Now that your phpLD directory has been successfully set up and configured, it is imperative that you start a marketing campaign in order to begin promotion.

arrow phpLD Success Story from MyGreenCorner (04/10/2007)
Gives a great explanation of the steps he took to achieve success with phpLD.

arrow Why web directories are important for your sites success (03/20/2007)
There are many websites that still donít understand how important it is to get a listing in a web directory, as the majority of them are still lacking the information as to how these web directories can help them build a strong marketing structure.

arrow 10 Tips to a More Profitable Directory (11/21/2006)
Here is a great article submitted by a phpLD user and supporter.

arrow phpLD User Opinion - Creating a Successful Directory (07/11/2006)
One of the major reasons so many members are building directories is simply to get more backlinks, reciprocal links or in other words SEO optimisation purposes, but there is so much more ...

arrow Your Directory: Web Catalogue or a Link Farm? (05/31/2006)
This article argues that web directories are a useful tool for cataloguing websites and other Internet resources, it argues further that most web directories on the net today, are much too close to being a link farm than a high quality web directory...

arrow Directory Decisions (04/30/2006)
ouíve registered that perfect directory domain name. Youíve downloaded your PHP Link Directory script. You have a beautiful web design. Submissions will come pouring in by the thousands and everyone will be touting you as the next DMOZ. But wait...

arrow The Importance and Versatility of PHP Link Directory (04/27/2006)
Today webmasters are looking for tools they can use to leverage the power of the web in more ways then one. Not only are we looking for tools that are easy to use, we are looking for tools that are robust in features, generate revenue ...

arrow Building a Website Directory that Works (04/27/2006)
There are a lot of directories on the internet and there is probably room for a lot more although building a directory that is beneficial to the users, webmasters who add their site and yourself takes a little bit of forethought and a lot of work...

arrow How to Buy phpLD 3.0 (03/12/2006)
Information on the options for purchasing phpLD.

arrow About PHP Link directory (03/8/2006)
phpLD was started in 2001. It started out as an assortment of tools, that were later put together as a directory script

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