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By David | August 25, 2014 | Home | Blog Categories | Spotlight on Great Directories

SuccessWhat makes Directory Journal a great example of phpLD is the organization, depth of the resources, social footprint, and dedication to quality content for several years.

First, upon arriving on the homepage there are clear links that take you to different places in the site. There is a map that let’s drill down to geo specific data, as well as the traditional top level category drill down. Then as you scroll down on the page, there are more interesting items that a user might click on such as the site of the day, and latest links organized with tabs. Then there is certain “authenticity” added as you look at the footer where they list some of their clients.

In the area of Social there are simple links for Liking the page on Facebook or adding a Google “plus”. Then you will see that they have thousands that have liked their Facebook page.

And then you can’t say that this is just a “link directory” but their articles section has 34 pages of articles spanning 7 years with content added on a regular basis. This makes it easier for search engines to see they are not just adding links, but also quality content, and likely they also have a following by a strong user base that reads the latest articles, and maybe are reminded to read in the Facebook page.

This is surely just scratching the surface, but in today’s environment, you need more than just a “link directory”. You need a focus on quality and organization, with a plan to add content and grow socially over time! Check out Directory Journal today, and hopefully you too will be inspired to improve your directory with a plan that will span the test of time.

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Publish date: August 25, 2014
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