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arrow File Uploader phpLD Vault Mod (01/1/2008)
Allows submitter to upload a file with their listing for display in the listings.

arrow Framed Listing phpLD Vault Mod (01/1/2008)
Opens links in framed environment, where surfer has option to (1) remove frames, or (2) return to directory.

arrow Get Meta phpLD Vault Mod (01/1/2008)
Fetches meta tags from submission URL to populate some of the submission fields.

arrow Listing Details phpLD Vault Mod (01/1/2008)
Displays separate details page (containing more information including Author's name and related listings by same author) for each listing, which can be bookmarked for later retrieval or passed along to others.

arrow Listing Notes phpLD Vault Mod (01/1/2008)
Allows surfers to write and save notes about listings - same feature that offers. Surfer can edit and delete his saved notes. Saved notes can be either saved as cookie, or saved to database.

arrow PageRank Updater Preparer phpLD Vault Mod (01/1/2008)
The [PageRank Updater Preparer] mod is an ancilliary mod to the NetCreated PageRank Updater software application - which requires paid access to [phpLD 3.0 Supporters Forum]. [PageRank Updater Preparer] converts the SQL export CSV file to a form usable by

arrow Paginated Search phpLD Vault Mod (01/1/2008)
Search results are displayed in paginated format (spread out over x pages), instead of only on one page. You control the number of listings per page.

arrow phpLD HTACCESS Rewriter phpLD Vault Mod (01/1/2008)
Compiles a list of all categories and subcategories, and then assembles a list of category/subcategory-specific RewriteRules along these lines.

arrow Random Link phpLD Vault Mod (01/1/2008)
Opens random link (changes with every usage).

arrow Rate Listing phpLD Vault Mod (01/1/2008)
Allows surfers to rate links, with option to display top XX rated links. Highly configurable. You can define: - how long (in XX hours) that someone must wait before they can rate the same listing again [default = 24] [logged IPs in SQL database are autom

arrow Refer Listing phpLD Vault Mod (01/1/2008)
Allows surfers to recommend listings to others, along with optional message. Useful in spreading the word about your site, and increasing traffic to your site.

arrow Report Listing phpLD Vault Mod (01/1/2008)
Allows surfers to report links (e.g., listing does not load, listing violates the rules) to webmaster, who receives reports via email.

arrow Review Listing phpLD Vault Mod (01/1/2008)
Allows surfers to review listings.

arrow Save Listing phpLD Vault Mod (01/1/2008)
Allows surfers to save favourite listings. Favourites are saved to a cookie. You can save any listing by clicking on the [Save] link that accompanies any listing.

arrow Select Sites phpLD Vault Mod (01/1/2008)
You can display 1 or more sites, and in any given time period (for example, site of the day, sites of the week, etc.). You can display results in own page, or embed in any existing template page.

arrow SEO Friendly Search phpLD Vault Mod (01/1/2008)
SEO-friendly search results pages.

arrow SiteMap phpLD Vault Mod (01/1/2008)
Creates dynamic category / subcategory Site Map of your directory. Includes pagination where you can define number cats/subcats per page.

arrow Suggest Category phpLD Vault Mod (01/1/2008)
Allows surfers to suggest categories / subcategories.

arrow Thumbnailer phpLD Vault Mod (01/1/2008)
Builds a cache of listings thumbnail images from a third party thumbnail service (of your choosing except Alexa) to your server. That way, no worries about broken images if the thumbnail service is offline or running slowly.

arrow Tree Menu Writer phpLD Vault Mod (01/1/2008)
Compiles a list of all categories and subcategories, and then assembles a list of category/subcategory-specific lines compatible with 'Tigra Tree Menu'.

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