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arrow User Settings phpLD Vault Mod (01/1/2008)
Allows surfers to configure the directory look according to preset variables that you define. And, not just phpLD components. For example, if you have embedded a weather box / stock ticker / etc. component in the phpLD template, you can allow surfers the

arrow Mods by (10/12/2007)
The following are a list of the mods offered by phpLD Mods and a link to a page with complete details - screenshots - or demos of each one for your php link directory script.

arrow phpLD Expansion Pack from (10/12/2007)
The expansion pack is a third party addon that brings together multiple mods for phpLD.

arrow Mods from After 5 Web Design (09/26/2007)
Offers both free and paid mods for phpLD.

arrow Latest Visited Sites Mod (08/24/2007)
This mod allows you to display the most recently visited sites on your directory

arrow Mods from (08/17/2007)
k0riz0n offers two great mods for your phpLD, adding pages to your sitemap file, and showing referring URLs.

arrow Advanced Search Mod (08/10/2007)
Adds an advanced search to your directory, allowing for a more customized search of links, categories and articles.

arrow Add your Search Button to the Google Toolbar (07/18/2007)
There is now a way to add a search button to the google toolbar. Then your users will have a quick link to your site and an easy way to search it too.

arrow Mods by mhamdi (06/29/2007)
Offers the code for modifying phpLD for several different mods.

arrow Backlink Control Mod from t-j-s (06/5/2007)
With this plugin from t-j-s you can manage your backlinks perfectly. You can administrate not only your phpLD links, but also other backlinks without any problems.

arrow Mods by (06/2/2007)
Regg has been a great developer of phpLD mods for both English and German users.

arrow Mods by LinkForever (05/7/2007)
Category Sponsorship, Multiple Category Submission, Sponsored Ads, A-Z Mod, PageRank Stats Mod, and much more.

arrow Mods by Directory Share (05/7/2007)
Latest Featured Links, Most Popular Categories, Site of the Day, Split Category Links

arrow Mods from Monster Submit (02/11/2007)
The mods from Monster Submit have been both innovative and well supported. Check them out!

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