The Many Uses of phpLD

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Many Uses of phpLDThough phpLD was released as a link directory script in 2005, it has become much more than that! Let’s take a look at some of the uses, and hopefully you’ll see how phpLD help you!

phpLD as Link Directory - There are tens of thousands of instances of phpLD running as a link directory, and is used to organize helpful links that users of the site might like to visit. Many people over the years have made a business out of it but allowing people to submit to their directory and charging a fee for reviewing their link submission and then listing it in the link directory. Sherlock Directory is one example of phpLD as a link directory.

phpLD as a Blog - With so many Wordpress sites getting hacked all the time, some people got frustrated and wanted a more secure platform that is not constantly targeted. You can use phpLD as a content engine and both add articles as the admin or even allow your users to submit their own articles. To make the site more interactive you can even add our free commenting widgets that plugin either Facebook Comments or Disqus Comments. Business Plexus is an example of phpLD as a blog.

phpLD with Maps to Show Places - Use phpLD to show places on a map with links to the place page with more information. It is as simple as turning on a widget and adding some places. Take a look at Link Mystery to see an example. 

phpLD as a Niche Site - Because it is easy to add many kinds of content to phpLD like videos, articles, and links, it can be a great way to quickly setup a niche site that is interesting and helpful to people looking for content in the niche. PHP Bookmarks, Ginger Rogers, Dallas Ballroom and Costa Rica Directory are examples of micro niche sites created with phpLD.

phpLD as a Video Directory - Share your favorite videos with your friends on social networks and watch your traffic pile up as they come back to see new videos you have posted and Like them right on your site. Amazing Videos is an example of phpLD as a video site.

phpLD as a Deals Site - If you are a person that likes to go find deals or coupons and let your friends know, or maybe you have a business working with affiliate programs, phpLD can be a great way to show off the deals and coupons, and of course it is quick and easy to keep adding content over time so you have regular users coming back to see the new deals. Here is a phpLD Deals Demo.

phpLD as a Classified Site - While you might need a little help setting them up, one of the strengths of phpLD is the Link Types which allow you to have different data for different products. So with a classified site you might want to show square feet and address with a room for rent, but size and color for shoes for sale. phpLD makes it possible to have different fields for different products. Here is a phpLD Classified Example.

phpLD as a Quotes Site - Here is a simple example of a quick customization where we created a Quotes link type. It is just one field, but with sharing on Facebook and Twitter, quotes sites can drive traffic from the social networks. Here are some Yogi Berra quotes from Baseball Notes.

Of course, the above are just examples, some created in just an hour or two of work. With a little practice, phpLD can be installed in a matter of a few minutes, and you can get quality sites online in less time using a script that has a great track record of security and support. We hope you’ll try it today on a new project!

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Publish date: May 23, 2013
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