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You should be starting to see phpLD 4.2 Beta today in your download area (link below). Ever since the release of 4.1 we have been working on 4.2, but didn't want to release something until there was enough that upgrading would be worthwhile. This release announcement is a work in progress, and we'll have more extensive documentation soon.

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We'll be in Beta for at least a week, and it could be longer. First, we will want to make some videos and screenshots of the new features, and second (and most important), we will want to make sure everything is tested to the point a new customer would not encounter something obviously broken.

The good news is the front end template changes are very simple, and in most cases will take less than 10 minutes. The template changes are in the docs folder of 4.2.

(While this is a mostly complete list, we will be expanding the documentation on these new features).

1. New Validators - when creating or editing submit items you will have more choices on the validators you can select.
2. Video Submit Item - the hosting must have ffmpeg installed to use this feature.
3. Gallery Submit Item - add multiple images when submitting a link.
4. Task Manager - probably the biggest new feature, this is similar to a windows task manager, and allows you to schedule tasks to be run. Examples of such tasks include optimizing the database, checking expired or reciprocal links, and rebuilding the category cache. We've developed this section so there will be plenty of room to add new tasks moving forward, just as we have added many widgets since we introduced them in 4.0. There are countless possibilities for tasks that can be added and I'm sure you will hear a lot about new tasks that have been added to our product in the coming months.
5. Cache Creation Fix - this was a long standing issue where excess files were created even with the cache turned off. This is solved, and will make for a major improvement in reliability of phpLD.
6. New Math Captcha - a new option where the user does a math problem before completing their submission of new content.
7. Assign Link Types to Categories - Another cool feature where you can assign link types to categories. For example, you could have a video category that only allows video submissions, an article category, just for articles, and a links category for links.
8. Speed Improvement to Submit Page - a fix that speeds up the submit page when ajax category selection is turned on.
9. Media Manager - this works with the article feature and allows for uploading of images that can be embedded in articles easily. Each user can access their own images, and the admin can access all images.
10. In Line Widgets - another feature for articles that allows widgets to be embedded inside an article (ex. google adsense)
11. Category as a Link - You can now make a category become a link (external or internal) instead of acting as a normal category.
12. Botscout Integration - adds a second level of security to contact form and submit article. Checks for email and IP address, and blocks them if they are listed as a spammer. This can be turned on and off in Admin > Settings > Security

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Notes about using the beta:

We would recommend you do not upgrade existing live sites. It's much better to wait until everything is well tested as bugs could remain. Support for sites running the beta will be extremely limited. We especially want to avoid situations where someone is in a rush for a fix on a live site. We may even require payment for work time in such situations. We love people to test, but it can be difficult to rush changes to the release. We don't mind you testing the beta in a subfolder of an existing site that has a license so long as the folder name is called DEMO and you are not advertising it to the general public and attempting to monetize. Also, please complete any testing withing 90 days and take the folder offline when finished. This can be a great time to start a new site! Thanks for your support of phpLD. We hope our continuing improvements will keep you coming back for more, and make it even easier for you to profit online.

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Publish date: March 6, 2012
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