phpLD 5.1.5 Released

By David | April 9, 2013 | Home | Blog Categories | News

This is a maintenance release with assorted updates and fixes:

Ability to set custom url for categories

Zip coded added to the business search

Imagegroup multi upload fix for uploading multiple images to filmstrip.

User register fix to set to active if email confirmation NOT required (resolves the error message on valid login when the confirmation is off)

Registered user link edit (link review) issue fix.

Default mobile template set to allure (still not in use but this addresses the random template not found issue for phones)

Fixes for compatibility with older versions of Internet Explorer

Menu editor in admin working better when IE compatibility mode enabled.

Dropdown in the navigation menu should now display for all browsers.

Payment controller edited to remove auto insert of paid total. This brings the process back in line with methods used in previous phpLD versions.

Category select edited to use actual http_host for the json. This resolves an

error that some users were getting when accessing the site without the www when

the site url was set with www in the admin

Fixed the approval page to show or not show unconfirmed email listings based

on the settings.

Here is the download with all changed files for this release. If you are using the 03/20/13 release then

you can upload the files and your installation will be up to date. NO need to run the database update link from the admin.

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Publish date: April 9, 2013
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