phpLD 5.2.2 Released

By David | December 18, 2013 | Home | Blog Categories | News

This latest update for version 5 brings a mobile template, some small improvements and a widget. It is compatible with all the templates found here. There have been no changes to those templates, and the only template changes are in the core template files.

Minor Changes and Fixes:

- Added widget to display Category Rss Feed

- Fixed SMTP contact us bug. The contact form was not sending when using SMTP.

- Fixed meta keywords submit issue. On some upgrades and installs, there was an error related to Meta Keywords being required on link submit.

- Fixed issue with widget install. When trying to add the same widget to multiple places, it would not install correctly.

- SmartyPaginate for PHP 5.4+. There were some issues with the latest version of PHP 5.4 with strict standards settings.

- Changes to French language files (just some better translations)

- Language fixes to submit form so that everything can be translated via the language editor

Mobile Template:

In the admin menu, under Settings > Site, there is an option to Enable Mobile Site. By setting this to “Yes”, you will be using the new mobile template.

Then in the Theme menu, there is a new menu item called Mobile Template Manager. The Mobile Format template is the new template for mobile. You can activate virtually any template for mobile, but this is the only one we available at this point, but it would be easy for a designer to make a new template based on this first mobile template and upload it to the templates folder.

When browsing the Mobile Template Manager, there is a button at the top that says Edit Current Template. If you click on this, there are additional option for the template. At the time of this release there are four main options you have with the mobile template.

  1. Select Color - Default, Blue, Green, Red and Yellow

  2. Enable Main Menu - When enabled, it shows the menu as on your non-mobile template. Note the menu is vertical on the mobile template.

  3. Homepage Categories - When enabled, it shows the categories

  4. Homepage Latest Links - works similar to the Latest Links widget when enabled.

Additionally, assuming you have these features enabled, the following features also work well on the mobile template.

  1. Register and Login

  2. Update Profile

  3. Submit Listing or Review Listing

  4. Seach

  5. Add Ratings and Comments

  6. Submit to Contact Form

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Publish date: December 18, 2013
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