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By David | November 4, 2011 | Home | Blog Categories | Helpful Resources

Limited Time OfferWe have a limited time offer available where you can get phpLD essentially free, and get hosting for 6 months and a free domain to boot! Here is how it works...
(only one per customer)

You must follow the above link and purchase hosting. The main stipulation is you must not have purchased hosting from this company previously. You will need to purchase at least 6 months of hosting which costs $36, but if you stay with host for 90 days, we will send you a rebate of $36. Also, as soon as we get word that you have purchased hosting, we will install phpLD on the hosting for you, and assign you a free license.

So you pay $36 today, and we install phpLD, give you a free license, and send you a rebate back for the hosting after 90 days. And by the way, the host gives you a free domain which is transferrable. I'm told that if you leave before one year, they do ask you to pay for the domain, but otherwise it is free.

After you get done with the hosting purchase, kindly drop into our forum or create a support ticket and we will assist you from there.

You can even choose to have another release installed. Classifieds, Video or even the Article version.

Best Wishes,
the phpLD Team  

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Publish date: November 4, 2011
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