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10 Things You May Not Know about the phpLD Admin Panel

By David | March 16, 2009 | Home | Blog Categories | Articles

If you're brand new to the PHPLD Admin panel, it may be overwhelming at first, but we're going to cover 10 items that you may not know exist. Hopefully these are new to you or at least one or two of them are. This article was written for v3.4 but most should also be applicable to 3.2+

I Want To See More!
When approving submissions, do you wish you could have more or even fewer listings on the page at once? Well, you can change that! Click on the Settings area of the menu then click on Admin Area. Now change Links per page to a value that suits your needs, click Save and you’re all set. You can also get a little more familiar with the other settings there as well.

Get Links!
Have an empty directory and want to get some listings into it? Click on the System area of the menu and then click Spider. You will now see a way to get listings into your directory using either Google or DMOZ. For Google, select your search language, enter your search terms and then click Continue. For DMOZ, you will need the URL of the directory section to which the listings you wish to import reside. An example is given in the DMOZ import section.

Get Notified!
Want to get an email every time someone submits a link to your directory? Click on the User management section of the menu. You should see yourself in the list or possibly just yourself. Click the Pencil icon to edit your settings. If you wish to receive or not receive emails whenever a link is submitted, check or uncheck the box next to Link Submit Notification. Have a pay directory or a directory that offers featured links? Check the box next to Link Payment Notification to receive an email when someone purchases a link on your directory. While you’re in this menu section, select your preferred language.

Add Pages!
Would you like to add a privacy policy, about you or any other similar page to your directory? Click on the Pages section of the menu. Click New Page and you will see several sections. Enter the Name and SEO URL of your page: Name will appear in the menu for everyone to see and in the title bar of the browser. The SEO URL is actually the link to the page, an example would be: this-is-my-new-page. Now add the content you wish in the Information section. Set the rest of the options and then click Save.

What Did You Say?
Want to ban words from submission to your directory? We all know there are words that don’t belong in our directory submissions and why manually edit them? We can ban words in submission to alert the submitter that they either need to reword their submission or take it elsewhere. To do this, click on System in the menu section and then click on Ban Control. In the third section down, you will see where the words to be banned can be entered. You can also ban IP and email addresses in this section.

That Title Is Way Too Long!
Want to limit the title or description fields? We all get those submissions with long titles or descriptions that are too short. Click on the Settings section of the menu then click Form Fields. You will see a long list of fields you can customize. Click the Save button when you’re finished.

I Need To Get Caught Up!
Need to turn off submissions while still keeping your site active or another reason? Sometimes we need to get the submissions caught up without new ones building up. Do this by clicking the Settings section of the menu and then Link Submit. Near the bottom, you will see Disable Link Submissions. Select Yes then customize the message below. Return when you’re all caught up and change back to No.

I Want My Reciprocal Elsewhere!
Want submitters to use a site different that your directory as the reciprocal link? Sometimes we want to promote a different site. We can accomplish this by enabling three-way-linking. Click the Settings section of the menu then click Reciprocal Link Setup. Select Yes next to Enable three-way-linking. Now enter the URL and title of the site you wish the submitters to link to and press Save.

The Times Don’t Make Sense!
Do the times listed on your submissions not match the actual time? Sometimes our directories are located on servers in different time zones than our own. We can fix this by click Settings in the menu section then click Site. Near the bottom, you will see Server offset time. The server time is shown under the offset selection. If the server time shows that it is two hours ahead, select -2, if it shows two hours behind, select +2 and so on

I Want Custom Emails!
Want to customize the emails that your submitters receive? There are a number of templates that we can edit to better reflect our directory or niche. Click on System in the menu section then click Edit Email Templates. The templates are pretty self-explanatory and you can edit them by click the Pencil icon. Click the Save button when you’re done.

Article written by Walter Victor of Model Railroad Directory 

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Publish date: March 16, 2009
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