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3.0 Scheduled for Release February 1, 2006

By admin | March 9, 2006 | Home | Blog Categories | News

Software ReleaseHere are the details of the 3.0 Release. You main want to check our News section for releases that followed this one such as phpLD version 5.
  1. The cost of 3.0 if a link will be maintianed to this site is $25 PER installation of the software.
  2. 2. The cost of 3.0 if a link will NOT be maintianed to this site is $75 PER installation of the software.
  3. There will be a private forum for 3.0 where people can ask questions, discuss mods and code submission, and get help for their questions. The cost of gaining access to this forum will be $10 per year.
  4. Purchasers of 3.0 will have access to future upgrades of the 3.0 branch. A 4.0 version is planned, but it will be at least 6 months after the release for 3.0 (probably more). When 4.0 is released, 3.0 will become free (but let's not worry about that right now!).
  5. Keep in mind that things will probably get a little crazy after the release. We will our best to help people that are trying to transition from 2.0 to 3.0.
  6. Instructions about the upgrade process will become available shortly AFTER the release of 3.0. We expect the upgrade process to be rather easy if the directory is not heavily modded, and it actually may be easy even if there mods, especially with regard to the database.
  7. Over the first couple of weeks, we expect details about integrating 2.0 mods with 3.0 to become available. In many cases, I expect little or no changes will be needed, but some patience may be needed.
  8. Obviously, if your directory is an important resource, you will be strongly encouraged to setup a "test" installation of your server with it's own database, rather than trying to overwrite your live files. Once your test install is working, then you can move the files to the "live" folder.

If you are a supporter/fan of this software, and you want to help out, we are now accepting some pre-payments for 3.0. These pre-payments will help us be better able to make the transition to 3.0 smooth for everyone. Please PM me if you are interested in doing this.

Also, if you are a member of a webmaster forum or in some way can help spread the word about this upcoming release it would be MUCH appreciated!

Thanks for your support! (and see you on the other side)

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Publish date: March 9, 2006
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