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3.3 Mod - Connect phpLD to vBulletin of phpBB

By David | February 12, 2008 | Home | Blog Categories | Mods

Ok, here is the new and improved version to connect phpLD to forum software to vBulletin and phpBB 2 and 3.

Here is what you will find in the new release.

Settings: We will have admin settings to determine certain user rights. Rights will be granted for each of the following phpLD actions:

- Add Link
- Add Article
- Add Article Comments
- Vote for Article Ratings

Rights should be able to be configured by the following:

- Allow action if post count is greater than x (ex. if you user has 100 posts, they may add articles)
- Allow action if vBulletin Admin (y/n)
- Allow action if vBulletin Moderator (y/n)

In addition, the admin should be able to manually add rights for the actions by specifying a username.

- Enter username
- Grant or remove rights for the user
- When manually changing user rights, it will always override automated

User Profile Pages: These will be displayed in phpLD. We already have these pages but we want to add more info:

- My Links - list links with links to link detail page
- My Articles - list articles with links to articles
- My Comments - list articles where they commented and link to the article

Admin Statistics Page:
So the admin can easily see recent user activity, it will be good to have a page that shows

- Latest Links Added
- Latest Articles Added
- Latest Comments Added
- Recent Votes

For each, show a link and the username (link to profile) that performed the action

To download this mod, you must be a member of the supporters forum. You can download it in this thread (attached):

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Publish date: February 12, 2008
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