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Add your Search Button to the Google Toolbar

By David | July 19, 2007 | Home | Blog Categories | Mods

There is now a way to add a search button to the google toolbar. Then your users will have a quick link to your site and an easy way to search it too.

Google is by far the leader in online search, and its success shared by all. For me it gets me more than 70% of all my traffic, between all my websites. And with its recent launch of Google Toolbar 4.0 Google has opened doors to all developers to try their hands on developing XML based search buttons on it.

The toolbar is now not just a tool to check page rank anymore, but has a whole new features to it. The custom search button being one of many. No more does one has to worry of making heavy toolbars to advertise their company/website, where the customers are always suspicious of adware/ spamware and privacy considerations. Google Toolbar erases all those fears.

Reading about the toolbar, gave me plenty of ideas, and have at best tried to implement them in my new offerring for phpLD Directory script. The custom search button widget, which can be downloaded here. One can easily edit the XML file and other files, as per the [readme] given there in, and wallah…. you have your own search button for google toolbar, right on your site, a new and unique offerring to all your clients.

Thanks to msolution for providing this "how to" information. His website is and he has some other great phpld mods here.

1. Google toolbar 4.0
2. Google Toolbar Button Gallery
3. More Features

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Publish date: July 19, 2007
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