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Article Directory and Link Directory Together

By David | May 12, 2009 | Home | Blog Categories | Articles

As a long time owner of several successful Article Directories, it came as a very pleasant surprise to find that with the latest version of PHPLD that they have now combined their very well established PHP Link Directory, with that of an Article Directory.

The latest paid version of PHPLD now has both of these features included together, plus so many new "addition" features, that are to numerous to mention here. Any new site using this great new software, can receive both Links and Articles, from all of their members. What are the benefits to be gained from this?

Well, article directories have long been a good way of promoting your website, and combining them with the benefits found in submitting to a Link Directory, I can only think of this as a Win, Win situation for all concerned. Even if you do not write the articles yourself, there are many authors that will write them for you, and will even submit the articles for you. In fact there are many thousands of authors that I am aware, who regularly submit articles to many of the various article directories. So they would not be difficult to find, and I think are often quite reasonably priced.

Or you could even use some of the tens of thousands PLR (Private Label Rights) articles that you can easily find by making a quick search on Google by using the search term, "PLR Articles". However, if you DO decide to use any of these PLR Articles, then make sure that you make some changes to both the title and the content, so that the article you submit is unique to you, and NOT the same as thousands of others out there. Just copying it, and then submitting it to directories, will not help your website at all.

Remember that the search engines are looking for both new and unique content that they can list, as are the directories, for that matter. You do not need to do a major re-write on the article, but make some changes at least, and certainly make sure that you DO change the title. It also helps if your website is say about "Web Design", that your articles are about the same subject too. It all helps with your listings in the major Search Engines.

In fact my directories alone receive thousands of new articles every week from many hundreds of authors, which in turn give my sites a lot of attention from the major search engines, who visit EVERY day to see what we are listing. So having articles written about your website, together with a link back to your website, could see even a new website listed by Google within 24 hours!! I do not know of any quicker way of getting listed than this, and the real beauty of it....??? It is completely FREE to list.

So back to the combined Link and Article Directories found with the latest PHPLD.
Imagine the double benefits, of both Links and Articles, all built into the one great website. The search engines will love it!
Interesting web links, that also a show a small image of all of the websites that are listed with them. Interesting regular Articles that also relate to the categories listed within the Directory.
Even a Niche Directory, that gets articles that are specifically related to the Niche of the directory. Plus both the Links and Articles, can also receive Comments from other members, so the directory becomes more "interactive" with it's users, and even more interesting to the Search Engines. Now having said all of this, there is one final point, that I believe really brings it all together in one great package!

ALL links, ALL articles, and All the details pages of those listing in the directory, get ALL of their information in the directory re-written by the software, so that these pages all then become SEARCH ENGINE FRIENDLY.

Note to the original author of this article:
Your site seems to be down, but we would be happy to give you credit for the article and appreciate your contribution so please contact us!

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Publish date: May 12, 2009
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