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phpLD Articles - Page 1

phpLD Articles - Page 1

arrow Get a Site Tune Up (01/7/2017)
Improving speed, security, and usability can go a long way in insuring success now and in the future.

arrow Recovering from Penguin and Panda (11/3/2014)
As we get closer to the end of the year there are some signs that things may get better, or at least the solution is becoming more apparent. So lets dive into what we can do!

arrow Google Way or the Highway? (03/21/2014)
Over the last year or so, changes at Google have had a significant impact on the directory industry, so I wanted to discuss a little about what happened and what we can do about it.

arrow Add Article (02/16/2014)
If you have something to say that will help our directory users run their directory, gain traffic, or better profit, we would love to hear about it

arrow Unnatrual Linking Revisited (11/10/2013)
Obviously Google has been sending out notifications to site owners through webmaster tools letting them know they have detected unnatural links.

arrow Targeting a Niche (11/10/2013)
This is a much more feasible plan than a general type directory.

arrow The Link Building Bubble (08/12/2013)
Just like oil or gold, links are a commodity that have increasingly been sold on the open market.

arrow Paid Link Removal (08/5/2013)
There seems to be quite an uproar right now with the Unnatural Linking Penalty in which Google is sending out messages in Webmaster Tools

arrow Google PageRank Hacked by Directory Network (07/30/2013)
If you are wondering why your directory business is down, here is a likely big reason it is down, and probably not what you think.

arrow Better Organic Search Results (07/10/2013)
A recent article on Search Engine Land showed that some Google results were showing just 17% organic results now

arrow Amazing Directories 2013 and Beyond (05/31/2013)
Sometimes the truth hurts, and when it comes to the old model for directories some pain may be a necessary experience, but it can be followed by a new beginning for those willing to continue onward.

arrow Web Directory Submission Tips (05/16/2013)
Hopefully, these tips will help you understand the process better, and improve your traffic and rankings

arrow Matt Cutts on Penguin 2 (05/15/2013)
Penguin 2.0 coming this Summer a should be one of the stronger actions by Google dedicated to try to find black hat webspam.

arrow The Wordpress Alternative (04/29/2013)
Are you tired of having your Wordpress hacked? There is a better way!

arrow Directory Traffic (04/23/2013)
When you get traffic to your directory so many more possibilities open up to you.

arrow Directory Success in 2013 (04/19/2013)
Be a good editor. Have a clear message about the benefits of submitting to your site. Align yourself with the right people.

arrow Link Up with phpLD (04/13/2013)
When it comes to making connections between you and other businesses, or even helping connect other businesses with each other, this is exactly what phpLD was designed to do

arrow The Need to Seed your Directory (03/3/2013)
Remember that a seeded directory is a loved directory! And a loved directory becomes a valuable brand name that everyone will want to be listed in.

arrow Google PageRank Fraud (02/1/2013)
We want to be clear to our users and to people who are interested in directories as a whole that we do not condone or support Google PageRank manipulation.

arrow Auto Approve Directories (01/22/2013)
Lets talk about why this is not a good idea, and then some other strategies you might consider along these lines that may not be as problematic.

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