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phpLD Articles - Page 2

arrow Avoid Unscrupulous SEO Products and Services (01/19/2013)
While obviously Matt Cutts is a Google employee and the leader of the spam team at Google, he makes some really good points about unscrupulous SEO products and services.

arrow What it Means to be Human (01/17/2013)
If you want your directory to be considered a quality human edited resource and not a low-level link farm you need to engage in the 7 functions of a human editor.

arrow How to Become a Millionaire (01/16/2013)
I want to make sure we mostly go over how you likely will NOT become a millionaire.

arrow Does Google Trust You? (01/15/2013)
To have a successful business online, your reputation is important and it can follow you wherever you go, such as other sites your own.

arrow What Google Thinks About Link Building (01/13/2013)
As we come understand the Google thinking about such topics as link building, we can better position our sites to perform well in the eyes of Google.

arrow Directory of Directories (01/13/2013)
The directories of directories included here offer some different ways to find the best directories for which you can submit your site. so lets take a look.

arrow Traffic with Email Responders (01/13/2013)
Traffic from real people interested in your site is so important to having a successful web directory. One area often overlooked is links in emails.

arrow The Beauty of Time and your Success (01/6/2013)
make a schedule and watch the beauty of time bring about a wonderful life for you!

arrow Article Spinning - A Bad Idea (01/1/2013)
So often people are led to think there is a short cut and today we look at Article Marketing and Article Spinning.

arrow Marketing Content in your Directory (12/25/2012)
Whether you have just written an article, created a great category of useful links, or creating a graphic for your directory, having a plan for making sure people view that content can be instrumental in building regular traffic that grows over time.

arrow Business Directory Listings (12/17/2012)
phpLD version 5 has several features that make it easy for you to setup a directory business built around business directory listings.

arrow 10 SEO Mistakes Directory Owners Make (12/14/2012)
Lets look at a top 10 style list of mistakes that you might want to avoid with some guidelines for improving your directory roadmap.

arrow Really Bad SEO (12/8/2012)
I like to tell people to imagine someone from a search engine is pulling up a list of all the links pointing to your site, and then having to make a decision on the naturalness of links they find.

arrow Diversifying Content with a Thesaurus (12/7/2012)
We all fall into patterns in life, and one such pattern is the words we choose to speak and write. When we use the same words over and over, the lack of diversity can play a role in your search results.

arrow Add URL and Submit Site (12/7/2012)
Often one source of spam is people searching for particular phrases that might be found on your directory site, so there are a number of things you can do to get off the radar of these spammers.

arrow Unnatural Linking Penalty (12/7/2012)
The past year has brought about a new trend in SEO as google started sending messages to webmasters about unnatural linking.

arrow Should Directories Display PageRank of Links? (12/6/2012)
There has been a good deal of discussion about whether this is important or not, or even if it might negatively impact your directory. Here are a few ideas you might want to consider.

arrow Paid Links and Directories (12/6/2012)
When it comes to Google and paid links, there is often a lot of confusion when it comes to directories.

arrow Directory Submitter Tools (12/4/2012)
There has been some conflicting information coming from SEO companies and even Google about submitting your site to directories.

arrow phpLD Vocabulary and Common Terms (12/3/2012)
This should help you understand the lingo we use here at phpLD

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