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Banyan Business: Strong, Sustainable, Successful

By David | July 15, 2010 | Home | Blog Categories | Articles

banyan treeThe Banyan is a symbol of strong, sustainable growth and a robust example of growth and solidarity for Internet business.

The national tree of India, the Banyan starts as a small fig seed that germinates in the dark of a rocky crevice. As it grows, new branches gird the trunk and give it strength. Finally, other branches spread around the tree's perimeter and drop new roots to the ground until the single tree becomes its own sheltering forest. To give you an idea of the magnitude of this one-tree forest, legend tells us that Hannibal and 7,000 of his troops once found shelter under a Banyan tree.

One Indian businessmen, Prashanth Randadath of Dotcompals, wisely promoted business growth and solidarity in similar fashion to the Banyan Tree. Girded with the power of phpLD his business ideas soon branched into vibrant, diversified enterprises that remain unified in strength and purpose.

Prash recently sat down with us to share his success story. This week we are pleased to present the story of Prashanth Randadath, who used the power of phpLD to turn one simple domain into a prosperous business cluster. 

Prashanth Randadath

Just about 10 years ago, in August of 2000, Prashanth Randadath purchased his first domain, As he built websites for his home town of Tattamangalam and local customers Prash learned the ins and outs of html and php. In 2006, one of his clients asked Prash to submit his website to directory lists and new directories found on leading webmaster forums:

“After the first week, I started a thread at a popular webmaster forum as well as one at phpLD forums announcing this new service. Although lots of directory submissions services were already available, at the time this was a unique service where I submitted a URL to all the new directories launched on a daily basis. My client list grew day by day; by the end of Dec 2006 I had over 100 urls to submit.”

Seeing the opportunity before him, Prash took steps to expand his business. He began buying domains and harnessed the power of phpLD to create new directories of his own:

“phpLD was the nicest to work with and, above all, the support from its forums and community was great.”

Today, the company root, Dotcompals provides web hosting and domain registration services for local customers. Grown to a team of 15 dedicated web professionals, this robust tree supports many healthy branches and has over 30 directories under its umbrella:

“Although directory links are not as valued as they used to be, they are still strong if used wisely. In building local directories and niche category directories, editors should be strict in reviewing each and every website. A strict editorial policy adhering to the top search engines instructions will do a lot of good for the future of web directories. All web directory owners should make an effort to tighten their editorial policies.”

Prash still uses phpLD to create his directories:

“I like the clean and secure script and great support that is always online. Experts are available who are always ready to help.”

Info Vilesilencer ranks one of his directories,, as #10 out of the 100 best directories on the web.

Another branch of the company, World Click, is a full-featured SEO firm with expert certification by SEO in Practice. World Click provides SEO and link building services to webmasters from all around the world.

“SEO is here to stay for sure. We have to make sure that we learn, test and implement the new things that happen in the world of search engines and work accordingly. We also conduct regular weekly study classes for our staff where we discuss and learn about new and effective methods of SEO and link building.”

The secret of Prashanth Randadath's success?

“Before starting anything, study every aspect of the job. If you do quality work and can sustain that, work will follow you.”

Use phpLD to strengthen and grow your business. Watch phpLD for more stories of Banyan business success!

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Publish date: July 15, 2010
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