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BlueTheme Updated

By David | March 7, 2009 | Home | Blog Categories | Templates

Announcing the release of the Blue Theme, a beautiful and professional design that makes use of all the new features of phpLD 3.4. You will also find the Blue Theme for 4.1 on the Blue Theme templates page and there is a separate page for Blue Theme 4.2. This has been a popular theme for a few years.

Important Note:
Remember that you need to select a theme version that matches the version of phpLD you are running, or it might not work!

Blue Theme for phpLD 3.3

Link to phpLD Demo: Here (note at the time of this writing, this is actually showing 3.3 though the download is 3.4)
The template contains one sponsored link to Directhoo that must be maintained. It may be removed for a one time cost of $35. If you need support, we do offer limited help in this thread. Also, if you are interested in paying for link removal, please also inquire in this thread.

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Publish date: March 7, 2009
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