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Deep Links

By David | October 17, 2010 | Home | Blog Categories | Articles

By definition, when it comes to directories, "deep links" are additional links that are added to a directory listing in addition to main URL. There are often presented in a similar way to Google Sitelinks which are those extra listings that appear below a link. One of the very first directories (now defunct) to offer deep links was the Bcentral directory from Microsoft. Then over time a number of directories started to offer this feature.


When it comes to search engine optimization firms, deep links can be added attraction because they allow for links to internal pages of a site along with the accompanying anchor text. And when it comes to the value of the listing page itself, it increases the changes that some positive action will take place. For example, they may see another link that is appealing and they click over to the site.


As a directory owner it is always good to think of ways you can add value for your listings, so that you can attract more submissions (and hopefully you are charging a fee for the review process). Other features you may want to explore are listings in multiple categories, featured links, screenshots, image upload, google maps, linking of social accounts like twitter and more.


To use deep links in phpLD, login to the admin. Then go to Link Types. Then click on the pencil icon. Then look for the field for link types and add a number for the number of deep links you would like to be displayed for that link type.


You may want to try creating different offerings to see which ones perform the best. For example, you could offer a "normal" link listing with no deep links, then an "enhanced" package with 3 deep links, and then maybe an "ultra" link link package with 5 deep links and features (at the top of the category).  With a little experimentation you should be able to harness more profit from your submitters who will see more value in submitting to to your directory!

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Publish date: October 17, 2010
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