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Directory Copy - Rethinking Your Wording

By David | June 11, 2010 | Home | Blog Categories | Articles

QualityHave you ever really looked through your directory's pages and sections and spent time on making sure there is text that describes why the page is important? If you don't know yourself, most likely your visitors including search engines will not know either!

The word "copy" can have several definitions. In one sense "copy" can refer to something that is duplicated. If all you do is install the phpLD directory script and then start adding links, you may find yourself with a site that is like many others, a copy. Surely, what you prefer is to have a site that stands out from the rest. Another definition of "copy" is the text on the page. A news reporter might review the "copy" before submitting it to be printed. Looking at the copy on your directory is something that can make a dramatic difference in your traffic, and for which keywords people find your directory site.

Let's take a look at some of the places that you might want to review:

First, there is the homepage. In your admin area, if you click on Settings > Site, there is a section called Main Content. In this area, you can post images or text to make a great first impression to your visitors, and show them just what your site is all about. The copy that you place here appears right in the center top of the main content area above the categories. Placing a powerful image here along with some text can go along way to getting your visitor to click further into your site, reducing your bounce rate dramatically. This is a great first step that you can do in the next 5-10 minutes!

Next, we have your top level categories. You may not have the time to go to every single category on your directory, but making sure the second click that user makes in your directory is a good one further engages your user, and helps them to realize you have a site that might be worth revisiting. Obviously, someone chose to click on that category for a reason. So the question becomes what are you going to do about making that category worthwhile. A good first step is adding text and maybe even some images. In the phpLD admin panel click on Categories and then choose the category you want to edit (or use search to find it). Then click on the pencil icon to begin editing. Scroll down and you will see "Main Area Content for the Category". Then you can do the same thing that you did on the homepage. You might want to think about some keywords that users would search for if they were interested in the category. The google keyword tool can be helpful in locating keywords.

Now that you have some good copy in your category, you might want to challenge yourself to make this category even more useful by adding some of the best links that represent the category or even writing an article or two. Instead of spreading yourself thin, think of how you can make that category one of the best on the net. There are still many underserved categories where there is low competition and great opportunity to rank if only you add some directory copy that truly stands out! Many people miss this step. You can't make a huge resource overnight, but you can make a big difference with specific sections or pages.

Optimize ContentAssuming you now have a couple of categories that really look nice with some catchy main content, plus some helpful links and articles, you may find that getting links to internal pages on your site is suddenly easier.  People will actually be happy to link to content that stands out, and through your efforts, there are now some great pages in your directory. Better still you will feel good that when people visit your directory site, they are finding something worthwhile, and that is good feeling.

Good luck with your directory, and with writing directory copy that truly stands out. If you have any questions, feel free to post in our forums.

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Publish date: June 11, 2010
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