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Directory Reports

By David | November 15, 2010 | Home | Blog Categories | Mods


      Bruleo, a leading mod developer for phpLD has done it again with another wonderful mod that produces a report that you can run with a cron job, and study trends over time, and identify issues. Here is the information he provided about the mod. And to follow up, here is the thread in the forum discussing the mod.

Directory Reports

Generates a directory report contain information relating to directory settings, statistics and problems. The following information is currently reported (where available):
Active Links
Inactive Links
Pending Links
Unconfirmed Links **
Active Articles *
Inactive Articles *
Pending Articles *
Unconfirmed Articles * **
Active Main Categories
Active Sub-categories
Pending Categories
Symbolic Categories
Inactive Categories
Registered Members
Confirmed Members **
Unconfirmed members **
Links about to expire (Requested Frequently!)
Articles about to expire
Banned IP Addresses
Banned Email Addresses
Banned Domains
Banned Words
Link Sequence Table Status
Article Sequence table Status
Category Sequence Table Status
User Sequence Table Status
Payment Sequence Table Status
Tables with over 10% OverHead
HIT Table size report.

* Not available below 3.3
** Not available below 3.4

Job can be run manually or set up by CRON to run at regular times.

Report is configurable through various setting made in one file, or settings can be added to admin for a small additional fee.

Settings enable you to set recipient and copy recipients name and email address, as well as turn individual reporting items on or off, as well as set a duration to report on expiring listings.

> Can help prevent data loss with the regular reporting of sequence tables
> Can help prevent slow database / website response with the reporting of HITS table size and Table Overhead.

Tested with all versions from 3.2, but should work equally as well with earlier versions.

Self install instructions and files: $4.00.
Fully installed including CRON setup: $10.00
Fully installed including CRON setup and settings added to admin: $20.00

Free for life for previous purchasers. Once installed, it's just a matter of a single file upload to update. Updates will be announced here, and will be available upon request in a PM with either your email address (for self installs), or FTP access (must work first time) so that I can upload for you. When requesting, you must give me your approximate original purchase date.

Report items will hopefully be added on a regular basis, so if you have any suggestions as to what you like to see added, let me know.

Very Easy: One simple file edit and one upload, plus optional setting up of CRON.

If your report states messages about your database, then you may need to consider the following:

a) HITS_TABLE size: Consider emptying that table. It is perfectly safe to to so, as long as you empty ONLY that table. It only effectively stores temporary HITS data to prevent multiple tracking of visits from the same IP in any 24 hour period. When that table gets to big, it can slow your database down significantly, especially on shared and budget hosting accounts.

b) SEQUENCE WARNINGS: If you get this error, it can be very serious for your data. This will usually occur if you have imported listings and/or made manual changes to your database. If your sequence table value is lower than the value of your highest link ID, you could be losing data everytime a new listing is submitted. To prevent further data loss, you should ensure that your sequence table value is set higher than or equal to the highest value in the equeivelent data table. For example: (PLD_LINK_SEQ value should be equal or higher than the highest ID in PLD_LINK). You can do this manually in your database, or check in the phpLD forums for a query to run.

c) OVERHEAD: This is effectively fragmented space in your database that in itself is not a major issue, but when it gets to large, it can slow database processing. If the report warns you of this, it means the listed tables are over 10% fragmented and is advisable that you log into your database via phpMyAdmin and optimize those tables.

d) CRASHED TABLES: Depending on your hosting, this can either result on some of your site not working, or the whole of site being made unavailable. A crashed table is often not as serious as it sounds and can usually be corrected by selecting the table in phpMyAdmin and choosing the 'repair' option.



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Publish date: November 15, 2010
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