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Does Google Trust You?

By David | January 15, 2013 | Home | Blog Categories | Articles

Google TrustTo have a successful business online, your reputation is important and it can follow you wherever you go, such as other sites your own. Make sure you don’t send the wrong signals to Google about you!

There are many factors that are surely considered when Google calculates your Trust Rank. This is an internal Google metric that is not published like PageRank, but it has been discussed so much that nearly all experts believe it is used and an important factor in ranknings. Let’s take a look at some of the considerations:

  1. Site Age - If your site has existed and behaved well for a number of years, that is a real plus, especially if the ownership hasn’t changed either.
  2. Inward Bound Link Age - Do you have links pointing to your site that have existed for a long time? This can be very helpful in establishing that other sites trust you enough to continue linking to you over time.
  3. Pages Remain Online - If you ever change the software running your site or have a habit of deleting entire sections of your site, Google may be afraid that sending traffic to you might result in searchers landing on pages that no longer exist. If pages are moved or deleted make sure you use proper redirects, and try not to make a habit of making huge global changes.
  4. Authority of Links - Do you have links pointing to you from uber authoritative websites like the New York Times or Wikipedia? These are the best kinds of links if you can find a way to get them. Sometimes you can make contact with writers for important publications and work toward acquiring a link.
  5. Non-editorially reviewed links - Are links to your site popping up on 100s of profile pages or blog comments or auto approval directories? This is not good at all, and you need to avoid this practice. In the case of directories, there are lots of great directories, so make sure you consult a directory of directories that helps identify the best ones that have an editorial review process.
  6. Author Trust - Now that google is getting more into their Google Plus and allowing people to attribute articles the write to their google account, google can tell which writers are followed most, so getting links from such authors can be great, and also see what you can do to build your own author reputation.
  7. Content Quality - Definitely be careful not to have too many stub pages on your site that are empty or lacking such as categories with no links. Make sure you that your homepage and every link to internal pages on your site have content worth viewing. Google can tell if people are reading your content and coming back, so take the time to get this part right!
  8. Content Freshness - It really helps you keep getting traffic from Google if you keep adding content that is worthwhile on a regular basis. Change what you feature on the homepage. Add new articles. Build out new categories. This will keep your users coming back too!
  9. Bad Outbound Links - Are you selective about where you send traffic? Can people post links on your site without going through you first? Could old links have become malware or linking to adult sites. You need to know this (see Link Cleaner) if you want to maintain a good reputation.
  10. Use Disavow - If all else fails and you want to let Google know you don’t approve of the links pointing to you, let them know!

Cheers to Reputation and Trust!

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Publish date: January 15, 2013
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