Get a Site Tune Up

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Get a Site Tune Up

Maybe you have been running your phpLD for many years, and everything is running great. That is great! But we highly recommend about once per year you do a site tune up that includes improving the page speed, checking for HTML errors, and checking the code libraries in phpLD to make sure there are no security vulnerabilities. We do non-phpLD Sites Too!

We offer a basic tune up for $30. We will check all of these things and make improvements to your phpLD. In some cases we may recommend more work beyond the $30, but a basic tune up every so often can go a long way (like taking care of your car!)

Here is a list of some of the tune up services we provide.

Page Speed: If your Page Speed is improved, there is good reason to believe you will do better in the search results, and your users will have a better experience using your site. Check your page speed now!

Optimize for Mobile: With more than 50% of traffic now coming from mobile phones, there is absolutely no reason not to get this fixed. And once again Google has said they will not rank your site if it is not mobile friendly. Check to See if your site is mobile friendly!

Check the HTML: If your HTML code is free of errors, this can also help you do better in the search results. While a few errors may not big deal, a long list may be a sign your site really need a tune up! See if you need Validate your HTML now!

Security Vulnerability Check Checking for vulnerabilities can insure your site doesn’t get hacked. For more specifics on on what we do, we prefer you inquire.

Install a Free SSL Certificate! We can also do things like install a free SSL certificate on your site from Let’s Encrypt. Having an SSL certificate is another recommendation from Google, and is likely to help in your search results. An SSL also helps insure only your site and the recipient can read information exchanged through web forms and the like.

Please be advised the basic tune up assumes that your site does not need ALL of the above at once! :) The goal here is to do some maintenance so that your site has a better chance to rank well, and your users find it easier to use. If we don’t get it all the first time, come back for a little more service later!

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Publish date: January 7, 2017
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