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How We Collaborate for phpLD Customization

By David | August 24, 2010 | Home | Blog Categories | Development Blog

With the jobs area now active for over a year now, and having completed 1000+ hours of jobs, we are starting a phpLD Dev blog to share new developments in both phpLD, and to provide information and hints about working together in the jobs area.


Collaboration Tools:


Skype - We are always happy to arrange a time to discuss  the development of your site, and sometimes direct communication can be the best way to nail down some goals, and clarify instructions, so we don’t waste time. We do charge for this time, but it can be time well spent. And we speak to people all over the World every day.

Jing Videos - If you have a headset, you can easily record your screen and talk at the same time. Then you can deliver a video to us, allowing us to review your comments, and make sure we understand your instructions. This is also a great way to be efficient with time, and help us better understand your goals for the job.

Mikogo - Combined with Skype, you can share your screen while we talk. We also use this software for training customers on using the admin area or even coding templates.

Google Docs - you are always welcome to share a doc with us. Just ask us for the email, and we will provide the gmail account of one of our developers who you can share with.

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Publish date: August 24, 2010
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