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Link Cleaner

By David | April 16, 2012 | Home | Blog Categories | News

Spring CleaningThe Link Cleaner is surely our most important product release in years because it accomplishes many goals that help you to have a more solid site, expand your business, and help make the web a safer place. It is a Windows app. Early adopters of this product will have some massive opportunities.

What does it do? (see the tutorials!)

First, the Link Cleaner spiders an entire website (any website), with the main constraint being time. It will spider 100s of thousands of pages in our tests so far. You have to pace it so it does not get rejected by the webserts. During this process you will be able to find 404 pages and other problems.

Second, and where the real power of the Link Cleaner is demonstrated is the spidering of External Links. In the first stage it spidered the internal links, but discovered all the external links. In the second stage you are able to run a second spider that searches the external links for the following:

1. Phishing Sites - checks against the database
2. Malware Sites - checks against the Google Malware database
3. Spam Words - checks against a text file (that you can edit) for specific words contained on the page that are adult in nature or commonly used in spam sites (ex. pharmaceutical, gambling), or just sites you might not want to be linking to
4. Parked Domains - Let’s face it. Some sites come and go, but the links to them can remain there for years, and a normal spider fails to identify them because they return a 404. The Link Cleaner checks against an ever expanding database of parked domain signatures and identifies these sites.

Making Money with the Link Cleaner and Improving Rankings

Ranking on Google has never been more complex, and too often people are left confused why their site that has been online for years is no longer getting traffic. Surely, linking to Malware, Parked Domains, and spammy sites plays a role in rankings, and too often site owners are unaware which of their links have gone bad and have no way to find the answer until now!

A great starting point would be to let your customers know that you are offering a new service to them that will help them with their rankings and make their site safer. You might even run the spider for a short time and find a couple of bad links first. In our tests, most sites fail in some way. Then simply charge a fee for your time running the spider or even helping to clean the links that are bad.

Getting new customers can be another point of focus. For example, sometimes when we have a customer that asks us what we can do to improve a website, one of the first we do is run the W3 Validator. This is another situation where most sites fail in some way. Add the Link Cleaner to this, and you have another reason people could benefit from your services. Some might even want to go so far as advertising the new service on your website, or using the Link Cleaner as a tool to approach new prospects.


This is an exciting product and we will very much be looking for your feedback (ex. new forum for that) so we can continue to improve it. We’ll also be creating tutorials and helping information to make the product easier to understand and use. If you need help after purchase, as always we have people who can help via the support ticket system. And finally, we look forward to seeing people making money and ranking sites, while helping to make the web a better place.

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Publish date: April 16, 2012
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