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Lowering Bounce Rates

By David | July 19, 2010 | Home | Blog Categories | Articles

bounce rateLet us first define Bounce Rate. What is the bounce rate?

For a given web page on your site, it is a ratio of the people who arrived on this page and stayed on your site, to people who arrived on the page and left your site.

Important Tip #1: Strategic Placement of Internal Links lowers the bounce rate.

Obviously, we want to have the lowest bounce rate possible, because that means when people arrive on your pages, they are interested enough in your site that they click on something to go deeper into your site. So this means that we first need someone to look at your content, and then we need for them to see something they want to click. Would you click on this? I don't know if you were curious enough to do it, but I will guarantee you a reasonable percentage of users to this page will click on it. I just lowered the bounce rate to this page by placing that link in the paragraph. Obviously, this is not a well thought out strategy, but you can see this is one way to lower the bounce rate.

Important Tip #2: Don't Make People Scroll

First realize that different people have different monitor sizes. I'm on a small laptop right now. You may have a designer that came up with a fancy header, or you might have a forum with 12 subforums and stickies, or a blog with a large ad below the header. All these things can prevent users from getting to the content that you desire them to read, and can either confuse them or frustrate them. Instead, you need show them what they came expecting to see. If you are going to show them an image in the middle of an article, be sure to tell them "Story continues below" or they may leave thing there was nothing to the story.

Important Tip #3: Don't Play People for Stupid

Tricks like spinning articles or placing elements on the page to attract the search engine but cluttering the page for the user only proves to them they should never come back to your site. In the case of directories, it is super important that your category pages have some special to offer. Placing images and other content with internal links near the top of the category can do wonders for lowering your bounce rate to category pages. But getting too aggressive with ads proves to people that you had no interest in putting an effort into showing real, quality content. So by all means use ads on your pages, but make sure it is evident you put an effort into creating a useful page.

Good luck, and thanks for reading. And click on some internal links please! (just kidding)


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Publish date: July 19, 2010
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