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Marketing Content in your Directory

By David | December 25, 2012 | Home | Blog Categories | Articles

Marketing ContentWhether you have just written an article, created a great category of useful links, or creating a graphic for your directory, having a plan for making sure people view that content can be instrumental in building regular traffic that grows over time. It is an amazing feeling when you see that your efforts are paying off, and that you have found a way to grow traffic. Let’s look at some ways to do that.

  1. People love top 10 lists - Whether it be a category of links or an article, there is always room to be creative. Examples might include the “10 Funniest Restaurant Reviews Ever” or the “10 Crazy Ideas that Changed the World” or “10 Websites that will Transform the Internet in 2013”. Have fun with this and make quite a few. A directory after all is a great fit for top 10 list.
  2. Viral Content on Social Sites - When you have content that people would enjoy viewing, it is much easier to post links to your site on places like Facebook and Twitter, and actually get some good click throughs.
  3. Well Placed Links Near Viral Content - Assuming you do get people to come to your site, you don’t want them to stop with just one page view. Whether it be another top 10 list or a related category or article, you want people to see these links so they are likely to read further. Here is a real example: 10 Keys to Develop Viral Content
  4. Rotating Email Signature - A good sign that you have confidence in your content is you are willing to put it in your email signature. If you send emails regularly, the people you know can be among the best people share your best work! Change your email signature every week and watch your traffic patterns change.
  5. Discussion Forums - While most forums have strict spam policies, many do allow their members to post the occasional external link, especially if it is well placed. maybe there is a discussion going on where you have room to make a worthwhile resource. For example, maybe people are looking for the best free email account services, so you go and create a category of such services like Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc. and share the resource. Worth emphasizing that a new forum member probably could not get away with this, but as they know and trust you, the occasional link can be mutually beneficial.
  6. Make Something Shareable - Create a graphic or hire a designer to help you about something interesting or funny and be sure to include the URL of your site in the graphic. Even better, make it easy to repeat! For example, you could have Person of the Week and show their image and some text about them in the graphic, or Healthy Food of the Week. Picture Links in phpLD 5 can be great for this.
  7. Image Sharing - Assuming you have been able to come up with some nice graphics, try posting them on places like Pinterest which allow you to have a link to your resource. Similar sites would include Image Spark and Food Gawker.
  8. Be consistent! - If you are posting a top 10 list or a fun graphic, make sure you do it every week or at regular planned intervals! People will start becoming accustomed to seeing your post, and become regular users of your site. And THAT is when you have a great feeling about all the efforts you have been making. Change your signature, post the social links, make the new content and be consistent!
  9. Invite Interaction - Making social interaction possible on your site through commenting gives people a reason to come back. With phpLD, you can use the built in comment system or plugin Disqus or Facebook Comments. Make sure you people will get notifications if possible so they know when to come back and reply. Heck, email some friends and invite their opinion if possible.
  10. Get Mutually Beneficial Help - As your site starts to get some traction, it will be easier to invite people to create content for your site. Let them have a link back to their site, but make sure you focus on quality. With phpLD there are ways where you can give people their own login and they can create their own content on your site. You can even arrange to set them up for “auto approve” if you trust them. Get a few people who actually want to participate and you are on your way to have a huge site with lots of traffic.

Best wishes for a 2013 filled with traffic to your website! :)

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Publish date: December 25, 2012
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