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phpLD Mods - Page 2

arrow Mod for phpLD 3.3 (03/24/2008)
This mod will help you quickly add new links in your phpLD - when surfing using your browser you can add the current web page into your phpLD with one click - and you will have "Title" and "Link" fields filled automatically.

arrow Article Payment Mod (03/24/2008)
If you would like to charge users to submit articles to your phpLD, this mod is what you need. Great for product review or press release sites.

arrow Empty Categories Report (03/24/2008)
Have you ever wanted to identify the empty categories in your directory so you can add content or deactivate them? Now you can!

arrow Gregarious Style Mod (03/11/2008)
This mod allows for sharing of articles with 15 websites such as Digg, Delicious and Technorati.

arrow 3.3 Mod - Show YouTube Videos in Categories (02/13/2008)
This cool mod will allow you to show YouTube videos with their own detail pages in the categories. The videos are pulled based on the name of the category.

arrow 3.3 Mod - Connect phpLD to vBulletin of phpBB (02/13/2008)
Here is the new and improved version to connect phpLD to forum software to vBulletin and phpBB 2 and 3.

arrow Article of the Day (01/1/2008)
Allows you to display a "Article of the Day" on any of the pages you choose. The article is randomly selected from the database; with each day loading a new article.

arrow Category Newsfeed (01/1/2008)
Display a newsfeed on any of your category or sub category pages. Each category or sub category can be configured to display different feeds from unique sources and you can decide how many news entries to display on a per category basis.

arrow Homepage Newsfeed (01/1/2008)
Allows you to display a newsfeed on the homepage of your directory to increase the content. Tested on all of the popular feeds such as Yahoo, BBC, ABC News, etc.

arrow Latest Featured Links (01/1/2008)
A very simple mod which allows you to display a list of the latest featured links which have been submitted to the directory.

arrow Most Popular Categories (01/1/2008)
Displays a linked list of the top 10 visited categories within your directory. The template can be customized to suit your directory and positioning of the top 10 list.

arrow Random Quotes (01/1/2008)
This little addition to your site will allow you to display a random quote every time a page is requested.

arrow Site of the Day (01/1/2008)
Allows you to display a "Site of the Day" on any of the pages you choose. The web site is randomly selected from the database; with each day loading a new site.

arrow Social Bookmarks (01/1/2008)
This mod allows you to list a series of social bookmarks on your directory for users to either bookmark your site, or bookmark your customers sites directly from the details page.

arrow Split Category Links (01/1/2008)
Split up the category links on your details page and increase your internal linking structure.

arrow Alternate Payment phpLD Vault Mod (01/1/2008)
Provides additional payment options in addition to the default phpLD PayPal payment option. Useful if you cannot use PayPal to accept payments, and you want to offer paid listings.

arrow Article Submit phpLD Vault Mod (01/1/2008)
Allows users to submit articles. Option to not require users to be registered and logged in to submit articles, or only allow registered users to submit articles.

arrow Audio Captcha phpLD Vault Mod (01/1/2008)
Allows surfers to listen to captcha code.

arrow Contact Listing phpLD Vault Mod (01/1/2008)
Allows surfers to contact listing authors (those who submitted the link in question), without divulging the author's email address.

arrow Contact Us phpLD Vault Mod (01/1/2008)
Allows surfers to contact directory webmaster / admin.

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