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phpLD News - Page 1

phpLD News - Page 1

arrow phpLD 5.3 Released (04/20/2018)
The main changes are that phpLD 5.3 will run in PHP 7.2, and also the Jquery and JqueryUI libraries were updated

arrow Special Offer (02/1/2017)
No Longer available

arrow Responsive Video Release (05/20/2014)
If you are good at finding entertaining videos, then youll be great at driving traffic your new video site by telling your friends or positng in groups on Facebook or other social media.

arrow phpLD Local Released (04/21/2014)
We are happy to release phpLD Local on Easter 2014! Take a look at the video and release notes below!

arrow Test Article (03/18/2014)
Test Article

arrow phpLD 5.2.2 Released (12/19/2013)
This latest update for version 5 brings a mobile template, and number of small improvements.

arrow phpLD 5.1.5 Maintenance Release 1 (07/17/2013)
Likely the biggest request we have been receiving since the release of phpLD 5 has been more flexibility with SEO friendly URLs.

arrow phpLD 5.1.5 Released (04/10/2013)
This is a maintenance release with assorted updates and fixes

arrow phpLD 5.1 Released (03/24/2013)
This is a maintenance release with lots of small fixes and improvements to make the new phpLD 5 branch even more stable.

arrow phpLD Wordpress Plugin (12/6/2012)
phpLD will soon have a Wordpress plugin where you can show data from phpLD in Wordpress

arrow phpLD 5 Released (11/28/2012)
When we started developing phpLD 5 in April 2010, we wanted to make something that would not be just another release, but something more groundbreaking and worthwhile, yet building on the successful ingredients have been a part of phpLD since its public

arrow phpLD 4.2.2 Released (07/24/2012)
4.2.2 is a minor release with a couple of small feature improvements and fixes.

arrow phpLD Product Offering Expanded (07/18/2012)
You now have so much more available with your purchase of phpLD!

arrow New Flexible CMS - Zaddaz (07/10/2012)
Zaddaz has reached a stage where it is ready to be used in a live environment.

arrow phpLD Product Group (07/5/2012)
Now when you buy phpLD, you will find you have multiple options for what you can download and install

arrow phpLD 4.2.1 Released (05/23/2012)
Its much faster than previous phpLD releases. There are small improvements. There are really not any significant new features, so we are calling this a maintenance release.

arrow Link Cleaner (04/17/2012)
The Link Cleaner is surely our most important product release in years because it accomplishes many goals that help you to have a more solid site, expand your business, and help make the web a safer place

arrow phpLD 4.2 (03/22/2012)
phpLD 4.2 is now available for download to licensed users.

arrow Invalid Links Checker 1.7 Released (03/7/2012)
Making steady improvement to this new and popular product.

arrow phpLD 4.2 Beta (03/7/2012)
While this is a mostly complete list, we will be expanding the documentation on these new features

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