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PageRank Update Tool

By admin | March 8, 2006 | Home | Blog Categories | Helpful Resources

While clearly there is a precedent set by other websites that check pagerank, there is some reason to believe google prefers people do not do massive pagerank checks. There is no way to know for sure, but clearly there are sites that check pagerank, and google has not banned them.

At the same time, I have been hesitant to create a method for websites that are running phpLD to massively check pagerank. Imagine if everyone (there are hundreds if not thousands) who was running phpLD checked pagerank for all of their links every day. I don't think google would like this too much.

The tool I am offering does not run on your webserver. That way massive checking of pagerank will not be associated with a site running phpLD. This tool runs independantly of your directory, and if you choose to use it, you do so at your own risk.

How it Works:
1. You download a windows application that runs on your windows desktop.
2. You export the links table to CSV for Excel using phpMyAdmin.
3. You delete all fields except ID and URL (takes 5 seconds).
4. You run the tool (more below)
5. The tool outputs a .sql file. You cut and paste this as a sql command in phpMyAdmin (And of course, you backed up your database before doing anything to it!).
6. All links are now updated!

The tool:
There are 4 fields in the tool
1. Input file - browse and point to the CSV file from step 3 above.
2. Output file - no need to put anything here. It is automatically created
3. Link Table - by default it is set to PLD_LINK, but if you specified a different prefix, you may change it here.
4. Interval - Here you set the number of seconds between pagerank queries. I especially wanted this feature because I didn't want to make it easy to hammer google's server, and get the user in trouble for massive automated querying.

Getting the Tool:
I may release this tool for free at some point in the future, but I would rather see it only be used sparingly. Also, I need to recover my cost (I paid a VB programmer to make this tool).

If you are interested in getting this tool, I will be requesting a donation of $12 initially. If you want it, just send me a PM, and I'll send you the email address to send paypal payment.

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Publish date: March 8, 2006
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