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Product Guide

By David | April 30, 2013 | Home | Blog Categories | Helpful Resources

We’ve released quite a few products since 2005 so here is a reference to help you understand what we offer so you more easily decide what to purchase. Thank you for your interest in our products!


This is our flagship product and comes in 2 varieties. The $30 version requires alink back on all pages of the front end of the site, while the $80 version allows you to remove this link. phpLD has matured over the years, and while it is easily setup as a basic link directory, it also can do much more such as be setup as a blog, video directory, or local directory with Google Maps.

Purchase phpLD


While phpLD comes with instructions on installation and is pretty easy for the tech savvy user, many people prefer that we do the installation for them. This insures everything is setup right from the start and not waste time with a small issue. You purchase the installation and we send out an email to you requesting your hosting info and we communicate with you until the installation is complete.

Purchase Installation

Product Upgrade

Just like the installation, we do provide instructions for upgrading, but often if you are upgrading from an old version it can be time consuming getting everything right. Since we do upgrades every day, we will be able to make sure your site is upgraded to the latest version while keeping your database intact. We will use any available template, but sometimes upgrading a special design is extra and we will communicate with you about that if needed.

Purchase Product Upgrade

Screenshot Processor

This is a windows application that will capture screenshots. It is great as a standalone app, but it will also connect to your phpLD and automatically upload screenshots of websites. You can specify the size of the captures too. By having more images on your directory it can add more artistic pizazz for visitors of your site.

Purchase Screenshot Processor

Invalid Links Checker

Invariably over time some of the links in your directory will be changed or compromised in some way. They might contain malware, be parked at the hosting company or add inappropriate content. This tool will connect to your phpLD and help you identify and remove the invalid links rather than having to manually go through your whole directory. In short, it helps you maintain a higher quality level of links.

Purchase Invalid Links Checker

Link Cleaner

This product is very similar to the Invalid Links Checker except that it actually spiders websites. You can spider virtually any website. There are numerous settings to help you avoid spider traps and focus on the primary content of a site as well as bandwidth and speed settings. It can be great for going through a large forum or blog and finding all the bad links so you can go in and remove them.

Purchase Link Cleaner

Multi Directory Checker

If you have more than one directory you are maintaining, this is a windows application that will connect to multiple directories and allow you to approve links.

Purchase Multi Directory Checker

MySQL Database Backup

This is a windows app where you can setup multiple databases and automatically capture backups of your databases at regular intervals giving you a little more peace of mind that your data is safe. It works with almost any MySQL database, not just phpLD.

Purchase MySQL Database Backup

Thank you!

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Publish date: April 30, 2013
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