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Make MoneyPeople have been making money with phpLD since 2005. Let’s go over the different ways available to you today! Please note that we are offering several methods here, but a single phpLD directory would probably only focus on a couple of these methods at the most.

  1. Link Reviews - There are thousands of people making money using this method. They set up phpLD with categories, and they advertise that their directory is available for link submissions. As the directory grows and becomes known, people are willing to pay to be included in the directory. Being sure to include quality and worthwhile sites in the directory insures the long term viability of this model. Building traffic and pagerank are also factors that increase the likelihood people would be willing to pay.
  2. Business Listings - Similar to links, business listings include the business name, phone and address. People are often willing to pay to have their business included in the directory because having multiple instances of the matching business name, address and phone number helps them optimize for Google Places and similar location based searches.
  3. Picture Links - This is something recently introduced but quite exciting because this method can be a great way to make a site that is both viral and revenue producing. A common strategy would be to simply add images to the directory that feature products found on places like Amazon organized around a niche (ex. retro gaming, cool gadgets, t-shirts). Then you get paid a commision when people click through and buy things. This is a great strategy in social networking too, as you can post to friends on facebook or twitter about a product you found that is cool. Services like Viglink allow you to get credit from thousands of affiliate programs with minimal effort.
  4. Google Adsense and Paid Advertising - As the traffic to your phpLD directory grows, you can place ads that pay you when people click on them. This can be a great second stream of income that complements your overall strategy.

There are many other methods in addition like creating a coupon site, article marketing, video marketing and much more. What are you waiting for? Start building a revenue stream today!

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Publish date: November 19, 2012
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