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Re-emergence of the Directory

By David | February 11, 2007 | Home | Blog Categories | News

Some of the largest sites on the internet today started out as simple directories. One of the best examples is Yahoo. You can still see an archive of what their site looked like back in 1996:
The internet continues to be used as a method for organizing information in a way that human beings can find the information they seek. While search engines use spiders to find and organize information, directories are created by humans. Even Yahoo still maintains its human edited directory 12 years later.
For the first several years of the internet, the technology required to run a directory successfully required a large investment. There were lots of people that made "link pages" on their sites, but very few became successful directories besides sites like Yahoo or But thanks to the availability of internet based directory software, directories are again thriving like never before. The technology that was once only in the hands of a few companies is now available to the masses, and tens of thousands of human edited directories have sprung up.
Some of these directories are overnight success stories (well, took them at least a year). The more widely promoted directories now receive many paid submissions every day from online marketers seeking to get "backlinks" or "PageRank" for their customers. If you need more information about this directory, please let me know.
Many online marketers today are seeking to improve the pagerank or backlinks to their website, and directories have been a perfect solution for them. With tens of thousands of directories online, submitting to directories has become an absolute necessity for marketers, especially when they are trying to get a new website ranked or listed in search engines. Because search engines base their algorithms on sites that link back to a website, getting backlinks on directories is arguably to easiest method for starting the process of getting listed and ranked.
Some directories are small and new, while others are more established and carrry more weight with search engines. Some directories allow you to submit to them for free, while others charge a fee (such as Aviva Directory). Some directories place a heavy emphasis on accepting only quality links, and others allow almost any site to be listed. Some directories are more specialized, covering a specific niche area (like this one that only lists blogs), while others are more general in nature like Aviva or Yahoo.
Human beings have always been interested in organizing information from phone books to encyclopedias to dictionaries. The internet has been a great way to improve on this process. While search engines have improved the process of making the information easier to search, we will probably always depend on humans to be involved in the organization process.
Directories are quickly re-emerging due to the technology to create a directory becoming more readily available to the average person. The most widely used script for creating a directory is PHP Link Directory ( New directories are created daily, and every day thousands of people submit their link to these directories in hopes of being listed and thereby increase their backlinks and pagerank on Google and other search engines. And every day, directory owners are going through the submissions they receive and adding links to their directories in hopes of being the next "big directory".

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Publish date: February 11, 2007
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