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Right Stuff: Php LD Directory Owners Unite!

By David | May 2, 2012 | Home | Blog Categories | Articles

All military forces have learned that when you go into battle you have to create a united team anything less is foolish and suicidal. But this is what most of us are doing every day. Sure, each military team member is different and brings a variety of talents and resources to the unit but make no mistake, BIG time success of an objective is a function of the effectiveness of the collective effort.  

The same can be true in battling in the world of Internet commerce and business. As Php LD directory owners we have all missed the boat. Many of us have viewed our fellow directory owner as a competitor and not as a comrade.  The end result for many has been mediocre success and isolated wonderment…  “Is there a better way”? My answer is…  YES!

But let’s not take the enemy challenge lightly. There are nearly a billion websites out there that we all compete with. Personally I surrender as being a lone ranger, there are way too many Indians for me. But I have a better idea… let’s create our own Army of Semper Fi (always faithful) warriors that first win collectively and thus win individually. 

Here’s how:

Special Unit Operations -niche and destroy directories. Let’s combine our niche directories within highly relevant Google categories. For example; I own over 15 niche legal directories with awesome domain names like Estate Planning Attorneys (ranks 6th in Yahoo search for domain keyword) . I normally charge up to $99 for a directory listing but for you, my fox-hole buddy it’s a freebie. Maybe you already have 100 attorneys in your directories you can give them a sweet deal and give them a 75% discount on listings on my site and pocket the entire $200 -300 bucks. Sound like an insanely generous offer? Great! That’s was what I was shooting for… the question is what is your insane offer to me in return? Contact Me

Share your talents and skills. Are you a php coding guru or a template design artist? Great! Many of us will be happy to swap our listings for your talents. 

Create online friendships and joint ventures. Just like you, I have joined every social network of substance. Currently I have over 23,000 people in my niche markets that I can directly communicate with. But how many valuable relationships do I have? Regrettably, only a handful. What I have discovered is that finding online professionals that have “right stuff” is like finding a diamond in a mountain of cow dung. The success rate in developing valuable online relationships is lower than trying to become a Navy seal.

The biggest reason for online relationship failure is that nearly everyone wants the better deal in the relationship.  Having the “right stuff” means that you are trying to give me more than, I am trying to give you.  If you haven’t figured out how to give others something of significant value, then stop trying to become their friend. The bottom line is that you have to learn to become a good friend before you look for one.

Iron sharpens iron. What’s your mettle?

Brian French

Florida Website Marketing

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Publish date: May 2, 2012
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