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Running a Successful Web Directory

By David | September 22, 2012 | Home | Blog Categories | Articles

Massive FilesThank you to editors of the most excellent directory known as DirJournal for this great advice running a successful directory.

There are many hundreds of web directories covering all manner of subjects on the Internet but there are only a handful of well organized and respectable directories that are truly worth submitting your valuable site to. There are a few things that you should check before submitting your site to a directory.

  1. Does the directory have regular submissions and new sites
  2. Is the directory correctly organized with sites placed in the correct categories
  3. Are descriptions correctly written, in plain English and not simply a string of product keywords
  4. Does the directory reject low class, spam and illegal sites

You would be surprised how many directories simply hit the "accept" button on every submission that winds its way to the editors control panel through cyberspace. Many sites are submitted with extremely poor descriptions that contain nothing more than a string of keywords that the submitter believes will help enhance their product or service; the reality is in fact very much the opposite and not something that the likes of Google particularly want to see; in fact don't be at all surprised if your directory ends up being penalized because you have allowed your submitter to place exactly what they want, where they want and not what the viewer wants or expects to see.

Try to look at the directory that you are submitting to from an outsider's point of view, imagine yourself as a viewer scouring the Internet, looking for information or particular sites that cover your area of interest. Do you really want to see a website with a description that reads: “Computer sales of computer parts for people wanting computers to meet their everyday computer shopping needs” Keyword stuffed descriptions like this may have helped the site in search engines years ago but now all it will do is throw up a red flag to Google.

If you want to run a successful directory and keep not only your clients happy but just as importantly, keep Google happy; ensure that your directory has good solid content and lists sites of interest relating to the category that they are located in; a sensible descriptions and titles that are ideally the official name of the company.

Remember that what Google wants to see is a well organized site that is not keyword stuffed, full of spammy sites or badly written descriptions containing poor grammar and atrocious spelling. Google has said in the past that it considers grammar and spelling an important aspect of a website; it is after all the very basics of a good solid and respectable business.

Imagine your web directory to be a book; no publisher would ever publish a book that contains a string of spelling mistakes, constant repetition of words and bad grammar. The reason they would not publish the book is because you would not buy it. The same way that you would not presumably want to see your site associated with a poorly and disorganized directory.

Keeping a good directory is not rocket science, it simply involves doing things right and to a standard acceptable to today's educated society and making sure that it is of use. If it's of no use to anybody then it of no use to Google search results!

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Publish date: September 22, 2012
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