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Showing Different Content for Logged In Users

By David | July 30, 2010 | Home | Blog Categories | News

We have a new toy on this site, and after we get some feedback, we'll look into offering it in phpLD as well. Here is the dilemma that led to this change...

If you are new, we want you to know "How to Purchase", and tell you what phpLD is all about. After you have purchased, you would hardly want to return to the homepage, because there is nothing you haven't seen already, and as a result the Returning Visitors to the homepage will decrease. So now we have changed that. We use a "boxed content" approach where we can show different content based on criteria.
At the time this was written, we made the assumption that a logged in user would be interested in the Latest News and articles more than reading about phpLD. We also assumed that if someone has already made a purchase (of phpLD), they might be interested in an add on product such as the Screenshot processor. So these two boxes are at the top for logged in users.
What we didn't account for yet is any additional criteria about the user. For example, maybe someone's first purchase was the Screenshot Processor, but they have yet to purchase phpLD. In that case, we would want to show them information about phpLD, or maybe some other Windows based tools that we offer. Then most likely we will be applying this same technology to phpLD itself, and we look forward to getting some feedback.
We think this is a nice step forward for our site, and we hope you will find the homepage increasingly useful. More changes are planned, and as always, thank you for your support and interest in our products.
Best Wishes,
phpLD Team 

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Publish date: July 30, 2010
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