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Speed and Security with Cloudflare

By David | July 8, 2011 | Home | Blog Categories | Helpful Resources

CDNUpdate December 1, 2012

While we previously recommended Cloudflare, we are no longer recommending it. Many of our users actually ended up having more downtime, or found features from Cloudflare buggy. If you have problems with speed with phpLD, this is something we can help you solve without using Cloudflare, and if you want to use a Cloudflare alternative, Amazon Cloudfront and Max CDN would be good options.

Original Article:

Let me preface by saying this is the most exciting application I have seen for a website in at least a year. Please stay with me as I go over the important points that relate to phpLD. And note that we are not benefiting financially from telling you about CloudFlare. It is just super cool and a wonderful technology that will benefit many people.

Probably the most exciting thing CloudFlare is going to do for your phpLD is eliminate even more spam. It gets data both from the large network of sites it serves as well as sources like Google and Project Honeypot. Comment and forum spammer IP addresses don’t even get a chance to visit your site. They are challenged before entry.

Speed is the next great benefit. From preloading popular resources to minifying javascript and css files, CloudFlare will speed up your site dramatically! I’ve already tested on sites large and small and am seeing around 50% speed increase on average. There have been reports of some users actually seeing their search results improve simply by speeding up their site. Note that google has mentioned speed is now a factor is rankings.

Once you get CloudFlare working on your site, I would highly encourage you to signup with VigLink which basically will give you one more way to make money on your directory without costing you a dime. Just turn it on. What is does is automatically give you credit for links if those links point to sites that have affiliate programs. It doesn’t mess with any of your other links and does not even add a tracking code to your URL. It just follows the links to the affiliate site and gives you credit if they buy. If you have a directory with a lot of links, chances are high that you will start seeing clicks immediately.

So what are you waiting for! Go check out CloudFlare! We are already using it on this site!

Best Wishes,

P.S. Oh, and one note on the settings in Cloudflare...

They have a new feature called Rocket Loader in beta. I would recommend not turning that on as there have been a few reports about IE 8 users having trouble.

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Publish date: July 8, 2011
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