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The Free SiteIt’s really great to see a directory that really stands on its own as a great resource that can help many people. So often you see directories that are so focused on Google that they forget about the users of their directory!

So here is a directory that is both a wonderful resource, and also happens to get a lot of traffic from searchers as well. That is because they have worked hard to make it a great site. A few months ago the Free Site wanted to upgrade their site and use phpLD to run it, and here is a testimonial.

My site,, is one of the Web's largest resources for free stuff, and features everything from free product samples to games to family offers to freebies for Webmasters and free software. In 2013, my site was in need of a major top-to-bottom overhaul. After reviewing various directory scripts, we decided on phpLD. The new directory is a pleasure to use. It is speedy and efficient and it handles my content and new layouts perfectly. phpLD offers all the features I need to efficiently manage my site.

We are proud to have The Free Site as one of our customers, demonstrating what a directory can be using phpLD!

When you spend enough time thinking about what people want and then work hard to make a valuable resource, great benefits await! Sure, it takes a lot of consistent work over a period of time, but slowly the benefits of more traffic and new ways to create revenue make it all worth it.

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Publish date: February 6, 2014
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