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Three Popular Alternatives to AdSense

By David | June 9, 2010 | Home | Blog Categories | Tutorials

Three Popular Alternatives to AdSense


This tutorial will show you that it is easy to sign up for popular ad networks—alternatives to AdSense—and integrate their advertising codes into your phpLD Template. Most likely you will be adding the code to footer.tpl, left_side.tpl, or right_side.tpl. If you have any questions about editing template files, feel free to get help in the phpLD forums. The most important point you will need to remember is to place the literal tag before and after the advertising code:

{literal} Paste your advertising code here{/literal}

Keeping that in mind, we will explore several ad network alternatives. Do read through all three. Each network has some exclusive features that you may find are perfect for your directory.

Alternative 1: Adbrite

Click on For Publishers to go right to the sign up page. Your click takes you to a secure area of the site.

Sign Up

The AdBrite sign up form is very straight forward.

1. Choose your user name and password.

2. Fill out your contact information

3. Choose your minimum check amount.

4. Input your payment information.

After you fill in the captcha (5), be sure to remember to tick your acceptance of AdBrite's terms and conditions (6).

Then, click the bottom button to move to the next page to create an Ad Zone.

Choose your ad type on this page.

The illustration on the left shows examples of AdBrite ads.The “ad type” form is pretty straight forward.

All items in the top section (ad types) are default ticked, so you will need to untick those that you do not want to use.

You will also need to tick the last two items on the page to continue.

Before you click to the next page, you may want to read AdBrite’s acceptable use policy to be sure that your site complies with their guidelines.

AdBrite Ad Specs.

Choose the Design:

1. Pick a size.

2. Select colors.

3. Preview your ad.

This includes the ad content and an "auto-approve" option as well as the ad design.

You can also create a default (”house”) ad that will appear if there is no paid advertisement for that page of your directory.

Click on to Describe Your Site.

Describe Your Site

Enter your site info.

1. Site Name

2. URL

3. Description

4. Keywords

5. Ad Zone Name (where you will place your ads on your directory pages)

Next, choose a category and sub category. Now go to pricing.

AdBrite Pricing

Ad Brite has a "Reserve Pricing" option. If you answer yes to "Are you already using other ad networks?" the page opens up to show you the option. If you answered no, all that's left to do is go and get your code!

Get Your Ad Code

Copy and paste the AdBrite code into your phpLD template where you want the ad to appear. Remember to enclose your code with the literal tags:

Congratulations! Your AdBrite setup is complete!

Alternative 2: Bidvertiser

Use Bidvertiser to easily add text or graphical ads to your website and/or your feed.

Sign Up

On the Bidvertiser sign up sheet, in addition to your contact information, you will choose your payment type.

1. Paypal ($10.00 minimum sales)

2. Check ($50.00 minimum sales)

In order to continue, you will need to click the activation code button. Input your code numbers and tick the bottom four boxes (x).

Bidvertiser Dashboard

Your login will take you to your Bidvertiser dashboard. To start, click on the tabs “Manage Bidvertisers > Add new Bidvertiser”.

Add Bidvertiser to your website and/or feed by filling out the forms on the two tabs: “Bidvertiser for Your Site” and “Bidvertiser for Your Feed”..

1. Choose a Bidvertiser title (the page in your directory where you will place the ad)

2. Add Your URL

3. You can select a “third party adserver” option (for your site) or feed title (for your feed).

4. Select a website category and sub-category.

Clicking the Finish Button will take you to Bidvertiser Center.

Bidvertiser Center

The Bidvertiser Center is a handy place where you can design your ads and see how each of them are working for you. Before you click to get your ad code (3), you will want to 1)select a design for your ad template and 2) choose your preferences.

In addition to updating items such as your Bidvertiser titles or site category, preferences include an option to manually approve each ad and a choice of the type of ads you want to display on your website in addition to or as a substitute for Bidvertiser’s standard text ads:

Ebay Ads

Image Ads

Pop Under Ads

Your Bidvertiser Ad Code.

Click the “Get Ad Code” button (3 in the illustration above). Copy and paste your Bidvertiser Ad Code into your phpLD template. For best results, follow the suggestions at the top of the code page.

Remember: Use the literal tags in your phpLD Template.

Congratulations! Your Bidvertiser setup is complete!

Alternative 3: BuySellAds

At BuySellAds (BSA), you'll be an ad "seller". The quickest way to get started is to click on the join us link. If you want more information on the program, click on learn more, but you'll need to use your browser's back button to return to the join us link.

Sign Up

Creating an account at BSA is pretty straightforward. You fill out a simple form and you're ready to login.

Your BSA Account Dashboard

Login and click to your BSA Account Dashboard.

1. Add your country and time zone in Account Settings.

2. Pick your payment type in Cashout Settings.

Click back to your account dashboard and then click the Publisher Dashboard Link at the right of the page.

Submit Your Site

Click the green button. The form to submit your site(s) is, again, very simple and straightforward right down to the descriptive Criteria/Suggestions.

Design Your BSA Ads

After your site has been approved, login and go back to your publisher’s dashboard. You will choose one of three options:

1. Image only (this is the default ad)

2. Image and text

3. Text and description

At BSA you have a great deal of control over many aspects of your advertising. On this page, you’ll also choose from options to

Select the size of your ad

The maximum character lengths of the ad title and text

The number of banners that can be displayed on your directory page at one time

The number of ads that can be sold for a specific directory page.

With just a little experimentation, you will be styling ads that fit perfectly with the design of your directory. After you’ve selected from the options, go and get your BSA code.

Click the Install Ad Code link and select the test ad option so that you can see the results of your work.

Your BSA Ad Code

The main BSA JavaScript goes directly under the body tag of your template. This JavaScript activates links to the ads you place in your phpLD template. Remember to enclose this code with the literal tag.

BSA Ad Snippets

Then, all that’s left to do is paste the direct ad links into your phpLD template where you want them to appear on your directory page. You will need to paste a snippet for each ad zone. Copy it from the "get ad code" page for your ad zone (Linked from your Publisher Dashboard). The snippets will look similar to this:

Congratulations! Your BuySellAds setup is complete!

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