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phpLD Tutorials - Page 1

phpLD Tutorials - Page 1

arrow Working with Placeholders in TPL files (05/30/2013)
Here is a tutorial for working with placeholders in TPL files

arrow Convert Static HTML to phpLD (05/29/2013)
Here is a tutorial about converting an old, static HTML site over to phpLD. In this video we do it in about 5 minutes

arrow Install and Setup of phpLD (05/28/2013)
Here is a step by step guide for installing phpLD 5.1.5 as well as some of the initial setup right after installation. Youll see in the video that we did everything in 12 minutes.

arrow 500 Errors and the Error Log (12/8/2012)
This is just a quick note about errors, especially when you get the 500 error where you have message that says there was a problem with the server

arrow Changing the Colors (12/5/2012)
In phpLD 5 there are some built in tools that will help you change the colors via your admin panel, such as changing font colors, background colors and other template colors.

arrow Importing Business Listings (12/5/2012)
shows you how to import business listings from a spreadsheet and display them inside phpLD on detail pages and also inside embedded google maps

arrow Search by Location (12/5/2012)
This is a great feature for directories that include business listings, because it increases the chances the search feature will drive people further into your site

arrow Link Cleaner - Spidering Stage 2 (06/30/2012)
Now we look at the Second Stage of the spidering process that looks for google malware, parked domains, spam words and phishing sites.

arrow Link Cleaner - Spidering Stage 1 (06/30/2012)
Here is how the link cleaner does Stage 1 of the spidering. We go over some of the features and understanding what varying data columns mean.

arrow Link Cleaner - Configuring and Starting the Spider (06/30/2012)
Here is some instructions with starting the spider and configuring the settings like number of threads, starting URL, etc.

arrow Link Cleaner - Extracting the Files (06/30/2012)
Extracting the files to a folder and opening the link cleaner.

arrow Inporting Articles from Google Docs (05/29/2012)
Whether you are importing one article or hundreds, this mod makes it super fast.

arrow Media Manager (03/22/2012)
Here is an overview of the new Media Manager introduced in phpLD 4.2

arrow Task Manager (03/22/2012)
Here is an overview of the task manager that was introduced in phpLD 4.2.

arrow Guide to Adding a Template (02/20/2012)
Here is a handy video to help you upload and activate a phpLD template.

arrow Admin Password Reset in phpLD (02/19/2012)
If you have forgotten your password for the admin in phpLD and you want to reset, here is how to do it, assuming you have cPanel or phpMyAdmin Access.

arrow Full Backup of Your Website (02/15/2012)
A short tutorial on backing up your website.

arrow Making a Remote Database Connection (02/13/2012)
Help setting up the remote database connection for the Invalid Links Checker

arrow Using the phpLD Spider (11/6/2011)
Use the spider to access the Google Search API and DMOZ category links

arrow Editing a Category in phpLD (11/6/2011)
In this video tutorial we go over the fields you can edit related to phpLD categories.

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