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Latest Widgets

Create a slider where you can input up to 8 frames and they will slowly slide across. This is a great enhancement for the homepage or any page, as it will help increase click through rate! Specify an image, text, and exit URL for each frame and you are up and running!
Socialite Articles Page
Socialite - Social Sharing Buttons widget This widget will allow your visitors a chance to share the article's display page on the following services: Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn
Socialite Details Page
Socialite - Social Sharing Buttons widget This widget will allow your visitors a chance to share the link's detail page on the following services: Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn
FaceBook Comments
Facebook comments for your article or detail page. Retrieves the comments via facebook api so it loads fast and can be indexed by search engines.
Disqus Comments
Disqus (discuss dĭ-skŭs') is all about changing the way people think about discussion on the web. Add this central widget to your phpLD product today to allow commenters to log in using a facebook, twitter and many more ID's.
Popular Articles
Display a list of your popular articles based on total hits
FaceBook Like
Got a fan page for your site?
Facebook Central Feed
Adds a Central Facebook iframe to your site
Twitter On Main
Adds a Central area Twitter Widget
Popular Authors

This widget generates a top list of authors by article hits.

Reward your content contributors with a link to their user profile. 

ClickBank Widget

This is a vertical widget for ClickBank.
If you are not familiar with ClickBank it is a HUGE affiliate link network in which Internet Markets make millions every year.
Often what they do is look for products, and then build a site optimized around the keywords for the products.

Template Switcher

Templates Switcher, generates a dropdown with all available templates and allow user to switch currently used template.
With this widget you will can switch templates "on the fly".
To use this widget you should make the changes listed in the first post here:


Uses the Google Ajax API! This widget is a great way to have stories that fade in and fade out. It parses an RSS feed showing one link and description at a time. It's a great way to scroll through a list of news items and draw the user's attention. You'll need to get an API key, and you'll find the process quick and easy to to administer the widget. I was able to upload, get the API key, and input a feed in about 2 minutes. If you need any help, feel free to ask in the forums.
Simple widget that you enter the site id (number) and it will show
a thumbnail and link to the detail page in the main area of the page
Here is new widget - MySpaceVideo, which allow you to show top MySpace videos. In admin area we have options like items number, title/description max lenght, width/height etc.
This is Random Featured Articles it displays in the center column and is configurable in admin.
Random featured links widget for PhpLD 4.0.
Small Random Quotes widget. See it in action at:
Generates a list of your IMs status for the vertical areas of the template.
Generates a list of your Delicious bookmarks for the vertical areas of the template.

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