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arrow phpLD Local Released (04/20/2014)
We are happy to release phpLD Local on Easter 2014! Take a look at the video and release notes below!

arrow Test Article (03/17/2014)
Test Article

arrow phpLD 5.2.2 Released (12/18/2013)
This latest update for version 5 brings a mobile template, and number of small improvements.

arrow phpLD 5.1.5 Maintenance Release 1 (07/16/2013)
Likely the biggest request we have been receiving since the release of phpLD 5 has been more flexibility with SEO friendly URLs.

arrow phpLD 5.1.5 Released (04/9/2013)
This is a maintenance release with assorted updates and fixes

arrow phpLD 5.1 Released (03/23/2013)
This is a maintenance release with lots of small fixes and improvements to make the new phpLD 5 branch even more stable.

arrow phpLD Wordpress Plugin (12/5/2012)
phpLD will soon have a Wordpress plugin where you can show data from phpLD in Wordpress

arrow phpLD 5 Released (11/27/2012)
When we started developing phpLD 5 in April 2010, we wanted to make something that would not be just “another release”, but something more groundbreaking and worthwhile, yet building on the successful ingredients have been a part of phpLD since its public

arrow phpLD 4.2.2 Released (07/23/2012)
4.2.2 is a minor release with a couple of small feature improvements and fixes.

arrow phpLD Product Offering Expanded (07/17/2012)
You now have so much more available with your purchase of phpLD!

arrow New Flexible CMS - Zaddaz (07/9/2012)
Zaddaz has reached a stage where it is ready to be used in a live environment.

arrow phpLD Product Group (07/4/2012)
Now when you buy phpLD, you will find you have multiple options for what you can download and install

arrow phpLD 4.2.1 Released (05/22/2012)
It’s much faster than previous phpLD releases. There are small improvements. There are really not any significant new features, so we are calling this a “maintenance release”.

arrow Link Cleaner (04/16/2012)
The Link Cleaner is surely our most important product release in years because it accomplishes many goals that help you to have a more solid site, expand your business, and help make the web a safer place

arrow phpLD 4.2 (03/21/2012)
phpLD 4.2 is now available for download to licensed users.

arrow Invalid Links Checker 1.7 Released (03/6/2012)
Making steady improvement to this new and popular product.

arrow phpLD 4.2 Beta (03/6/2012)
While this is a mostly complete list, we will be expanding the documentation on these new features

arrow Invalid Links Checker (02/9/2012)
Like many directory owners, you may have spent years adding links to your directory, but over time some of those links can go bad for a multitude of reasons

arrow phpLD Article Script - New Release (08/13/2011)
A multi-author platform loaded with great features.

arrow phpLD Deals Edition Released (07/27/2011)
A great script for affiliate marketers and coupon sites.

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