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PHP Script HostingWhen it comes to hosting a PHP script like phpLD, what is available now is much better than a few years ago. There are not nearly as many bad hosts, as many of them have been filtered out, and some of the better hosts have grown larger. However, there still are some important considerations when choosing a host for your PHP Script.

  1. PHP and mySQL version compatibility: If you are running an older version of a PHP script, you may find that it does not work on PHP 5, so make sure you understand what PHP versions work with the script. With phpLD 5, you need to be running PHP 5.3 or higher. However, some older versions of phpLD (3 or more years ago) need PHP 4, and many hosts no longer provide PHP 4. We strongly recommend you use the latest technologies whenever possible including the latest phpLD and the latest stable PHP version.
  2. Restrictive Shared Hosts: When it comes to cheap hosting, many larger hosts make it cheap by squeezing hundreds or even thousands of sites on one server. To make this feasible, they have more restrictions like the number of mySQL connections allowed or CPU cycles. If possible, ask a few hosts about their restrictions of CPU cycles or mySQL connections so you can compare. We have found for example that Hostgator is pretty restrictive, but also a good bargain. If your site gets busier you may have to change hosts or change hosting plans.
  3. Control Panel: The majority of hosts these days use cPanel with Web Host Manager. Probably the second most popular control panel is Plesk. If you ever need to change hosts, it is often easiest if you change to a host with the same control panel and our favorite here is cPanel.
  4. Special Offers: Certain times of year like Black Friday, there can be some tremendous deals available. There is also a great section on with hosting special offers, and let’s not forget we have a special offer for phpLD that involves hosting!
  5. More Powerful Hosting: While phpLD is designed to handle heavy loads, you still reach a point when you have massive traffic or data where you need a more powerful plan. Generally the next step up for shared hosting is VPS hosting. This site is hosted by Servint, and we highly recommend them. With a VPS like Servint it is very easy to upgrade to a higher plan in a matter of minutes should that be required, or even use a dedicated server. Additionally, for VPS or dedicated servers, you normally have root access which makes it easier to do higher level functions in the case of a complex website or specific PHP configuration requirements.
  6. Support: While some hosts don’t offer phone support, that is not necessarily a bad thing if they offer live chat or quick support ticket responses. Try contacting their support before you buy to see if the people are good at answering questions, such as the number of mysql connections of CPU cycles allowed. And also ask friends or others who have experience with hosting who they use and if they like the support.

Hopefully this will help you in choosing a host for your PHP script. It can be confusing, but the best host is often the one you don’t need to talk to very often because everything runs smoothly. We want our clients to to spend more time using our script and less time dealing with hosting problems!

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Publish date: December 19, 2012
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