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Pet Friendly HotelsBeing a single mom with both a daughter and pets, Lisa wanted to start a business online so she could spend more quality time with all of them. She got her idea when she was traveling with her daughter and pet. It was difficult to find the right hotel, and the so called “pet friendly hotel sites” were hard to navigate. Since then she has received some noteworthy attention from pet websites and a couple of newspapers including the Los Angeles Times.

Pet Hotels of America is a huge body of work encompassing not only pet friendly hotels, but also lets you find out about the area too with listings and maps for parks, beaches, shops, restaurants, events, Expos, veterinarians and attractions and more in every U.S. city. It make it easy for traveling with your pet. She also has made arrangements with companies large and small to save you money on your next trip. If you sign up for the newsletter, don’t be surprised if you get a free room or pet products as part of your next trip.

On the technical side, Pet Hotels of America uses many technologies including phpLD, Wordpress and connection with a couple of different web APIs for travel. We are proud to have been chosen by Lisa to help her build this wonderful site. Oh, and let’s not leave off the hundreds of hours Lisa spent updating spreadsheets to make sure everywhere you go, you’ll find not only hotels but everything else you will need in the area. If you interested in our services, we would be please to help you just as we did for Lisa in our jobs area.

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Publish date: December 9, 2012
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