phpLD 4.2.1 Released

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running cheetahSummary:

It’s much faster than previous phpLD releases. There are small improvements. There are really not any significant new features, so we are calling this a “maintenance release”. We will have more releases this year, and this is not an essential upgrade.

Speed Tests:

We’ve run tests on sites with thousands of links and categories and they are blazing fast. In one such test with CDN turned on and cache off, Yslow gives a score in the 92 and Pingdom a score of 95.

Technical Details:

Removed Prototype and Scriptaculous from the frontend.

Link counts for categories are now compiled with a cron. You can also manually update counts, but this allows for a great speed improvement to category load times.

Can choose to use Google CDN to provide jquery and jquery UI libraries. This can be good because most people who have been surfing for a while will already have these cached in their browser. Therefore there is no reload of these libraries resulting in a speed improvement. Look in admin under Settings > Directory for this option. This option is now on by default.

Can choose to use cookies to track hits to links and categories, or store in the hits table. Using the cookies speeds up sites considerably in our tests. Look in admin under Settings > Directory for this option. This option is now on by default.

Chinese, Cyrillic and other foreign language characters now display in SEO URLs.

Separated the Submit and Submit review pages so that Submit review is now a single step instead of three. This was somewhat of a bug where people would lose their information when moving between pages. It only affected a small number of users.

Note that existing 4.2 templates will continue to work on 4.2.1. However, there are a couple of changes needed for example to take advantage of a couple of the improvements. In the download there is a change log in the documentation folder.

There is also now an option to upload a category dump during the install process. Many older category dumps should work because the installer updates the database during the install process.
404 errors are reported in the header for bad link detail and article pages

Latest articles display according to the latest ignoring the type (thanks Bruce). This was a small bug where featured articles would show before other articles. Now they sort by latest on the Latest Articles page as would be expected.

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Publish date: May 22, 2012
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