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Smarty 3
The Smarty Template engine was totally rewritten in Smarty 3 (overview) providing phpLD enhanced performance and flexibility. Also, our ability to separate code from design is much better meaning upgrading templates will be a lot easier in the future with stronger likelihood of backwards compatibility.

PHP 5.3+
With PHP 5.3 released over 2 years ago, almost all hosts have 5.3 or higher. We are coding now with PHP 5.3, so make sure your host has this installed. They should!

Model View Controller Model
phpLD 5 uses the MVC method of programming separating the presentation from the programming. Read about it here. Other scripts like vBulletin are doing the same thing.

Yaml 4 CSS Framework
YAML is a modular CSS Framework. They have extensive documentation, and great browser compatibility. For the templates that come pre-loaded with phpLD we chose YAML. There is no requirement that template developers use this too.

Link Type TPL Files
For each link type, it is possible to create separate TPL files for link.tpl (category) and detail.tpl. At the time of release, there are 5 link types preloaded:
  1. Link
  2. Business Listing
  3. Article - Articles have become a link type and no longer separate in the database.
  4. Picture Link - Similar behavior to Pinterest
  5. Video

Developer Guide
We are providing some documentation to help developers get started understand phpLD 5’s code structure.
Creating a phpLD 5 Template
Layout Placeholders
Listing Type Development Guide
MVC Structure

Customize Templates Easily
Templates are HIGHLY customizable right in the admin where you can set number of columns for content, move widgets around, upload a logo, change fonts, colors and more!

Drag and Drop Widgets
Widgets totally revamped with drag and drop, easy to change titles, can use the same widget more than once but with different configurations. There is a new zone called Categories.

Repurpose the Same Widget
Many widgets can be used with multiple instances. For example, let’s suppose you wanted to use the Latest Links widget. You could have one instance that shows the Latest Links or the Video Link Type, and another that shows the Latest Links from the Article Link Type.

Search with Auto Complete
Start typing in the search box and get suggestions for links that contain what you are typing. You can then click on a live search result and go to the detail page for that result.

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