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By David | August 13, 2011 | Home | Blog Categories | News

After extensive testing on real sites, we are now releasing a new version of phpLD Article. It is a mutli-author platform with a media manager, facebook comments, inline widgets and more.
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Let’s go through the new features!

Media Manager - Trusted authors and the admin can easily upload images and include them inside articles. The first image included in the article is also used as a thumbnail image in article lists. Each author has access to previous images, and then admin has access to all images.

Inline Widgets - Virtually any sort of code you want to include inline within an article is handled with Inline Widgets. For example, you can include google adsense units wherever you like in an article or other banner code. If you’ve got the code, you can include it with Inline Widgets.

Facebook Integration - Near the top of each article is a Like button, and you can also see how many people have already “liked” an article and the number of Facebook comments. At the bottom of each article are Facebook Comments. In our own testing, this has been a great way to increase traffic to the site.

Author Pages - Each author gets their own page where they can include their URL and profile picture. You can also see the latest articles they have written. There is also a popular authors widget you can include so authors will be encouraged to participate more on your site. The admin has the option to “trust” authors which will allow their articles to go live immediately rather than wait for admin approval.

Improved Article Interface - phpLD uses TinyMCE, but we found that our implementation of it needed some improvement. Now it works much better, and we believe you will like it a lot better, especially with the inclusion of the media manager. This is also the latest version of TinyMCE which works with all the latest browsers including IE 9.

We welcome your feedback, questions and feature requests in the phpLD Article section of our forum

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Best Wishes

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 David |
 October 04, 2011 

Noting that we are continuing development on this script and have since released a couple of traing videos.

We look forward to getting your feedback, and thanks so much for your support!

Publish date: August 13, 2011
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