Terms of Service

General Information:
This software is for use only to those who have purchased a license. By using the software you agree to the terms. A license must be purchased for EACH installation of the software. Furthermore, a license must be held for all domains that use the software, including domains that are forwarded or parked. Multiple installations of phpLD on the same domain require multiple licenses. It is essential you keep your account up to date to avoid DMCA (or take down notices) which are automatically sent to your host and/or registrar for unlicensed or unrecorded instances of our script.

You may not redistribute, sell or otherwise share this software in whole or in part without the consent of the the ownership of PHP Link Directory.

You agree to retain a link back to http://www.phplinkdirectory.com/ on all pages of your directory if you purchase the linkback version of the software.

License holders are entitled to upgrades of the software for at least one year after purchase for no additional charge. After this time, license holders may be required to pay a small renewal fee to continue to receive the latest updates. However, license holders will always be allowed access to the downloads section, and be able to download phpLD as was available at the time of purchase and up to one year after the time of purchase with one exception: phpLD reserves the right to remove older downloads, and is not obligated to provide support for older downloads, especially those that are two or more years past release.

In some cases, license holders may be required to agree to changes in the software license before receiving updates to the software.

Limitations of the Unbranded License:
The use of the term "unbranded" refers only to the public or "front end" part of the site including the homepage, category pages, and link detail pages. When you purchase the unbranded version, you are purchasing the right to remove the link back to phplinkdirectory.com. You may not ever remove the branding from the admin login page or any of the pages from the admin. The branding you may not remove in the admin includes logos, link to phplinkdirectory.com, and text referring to PHP Link Directory.

Specific Requirements for the Link Back License:
When you purchase a license with "link back" you must maintain a link to phplinkdirectory.com on all pages of your site, both on the frontend and in the admin. The link text must be visible in browser, and easy to read. You may use a background color that is the same color or similar color to the link text. You may not use the "no follow" attribute in the link back to phplinkdirectory.com. The link back must be valid html that uses the "a" tag. A link back using javascript is not acceptable. The link back must reside on the domain where the software is installed, and may not reside in an iframe.

Source Code Credits:
At the top of all PHP files there is information about the terms of use. You may not alter or delete this information from any of the files where it is shown. Moreover, all PHP files must always show that the source is provided, licensed and distributed by phplinkdirectory.com exclusively.

You may modify the source code of phpLD for personal use, except where otherwise noted in the Terms of Service, but you may not redistribute, sell or otherwise share your modifications without the express written consent of the ownership of PHP Link Directory. You may not ever post PHP files online in their original form, or in modified form. After modifications are made to your files, there is no longer free support available, so make sure you verify basic functionality before modifying your script.

Refund Policy:
phpLD does grant refunds on occasion, but they are handled on a case by case basis. We do not grant refunds until we have had a chance to help directly. If you have a problem with phpLD, you must be willing to grant FTP access to the directory phpLD is running and the database including phpMyAdmin. We guarantee that basic functions (see definitions below) of phpLD will be working.

Support Tickets:
After purchase of phpLD, you will have access to our support ticket system for at least 120 days after purchase. Please make sure that you are able to get phpLD installed, and have basic functions working like categories and links. You may need to purchase additional time after the 120 days has expired if you need additional support.

About the Paid Versions Forum:
All phpLD license holders whose licenses are in good standing are entitled to access to our private Paid Version forum.

Paid Support:
While we will offer support for installation of the software, additional services such as design, programming, and troubleshooting of modifications will likely require an additional fee at our current market rate for development and design work.

Basic functions like creating categories, adding links, link submission are covered during the first 120 days to unmodified directories (see basic functions under definitions below). At any time, there may be some features that may not work as expected. All software has bugs, and when we find bugs, we fix them, and add these fixes to future releases or even patch releases (faster). phpLD is a mature product, and the number of bugs reported in recent times are far fewer. However, on occasion, bugs are found on existing features or new features, and we do not guarantee a time frame for fixes. That said, we try to be as prompt as possible, especially if there is an issue affecting multiple users.

Additional Provisions:
The software is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, including but not limited to merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or otherwise. You, the buyer, agree not to hold the ownership of phpLinkDirectory liable for any damages resulting from the use of the software. The Terms of Service may receive periodic updates, and license holders are responsible for keeping up with updates to the terms and following the terms of service. Failure to read about updates is not a valid reason for not following the terms of service. Any additional agreements made regarding phpLD are limited, and the terms of service must be followed regardless of other agreements.

License Transfer:
Ownership of the license(s) is not transferable without the consent of the ownership of phpLinkDirectory. A transfer is not complete until the license has been removed from the original purchasers account, and added to the new owner's phpLD account. This means the new owner must have a phpLD account in order to accept the transfer of the license. The new owner agrees that by accepting the transfer, they accept the terms of service as states in this document. phpLD reserves the right to refuse transfer of a license.

License Revocation:
The following occurrences will result in forfeiture of the license to use the software:

  1. Installing the software on additional sites without purchasing a license.
  2. Failure to retain the link back to phplinkdirectory.com when you purchases a license that requires
    link back.
  3. Making false statements about the software with "harmful intent".
  4. Attempting to redistribute the software or source code.
  5. Attempting to redistribute the software or source code, even if modified.
  6. Failure to update records regarding domains where phpLD is installed. The phpLD account must display all domains where phpLD is installed.


  • Basic functions - installation of our product, ability to login to the admin panel, ability to submit links
    and articles on the frontend and admin area of the site under default settings, ability to add categories,
    ability to make use of the default template (other templates may not be supported or there may be
    a charge for support).
  • Ownership - Wherever the above states "ownership of phpLinkDirectory", this refers to the ownership
    of phplinkdirectory.com.
  • phpLD - This is the abbreviation for PHP Link Directory and phpLinkDirectory, and also refers to the
    "ownership of phpLD".
  • Unbranded - refers only to the frontend, and never is the admin or backend "unbranded".