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Advertising Widgets

Create a slider where you can input up to 8 frames and they will slowly slide across. This is a great enhancement for the homepage or any page, as it will help increase click through rate! Specify an image, text, and exit URL for each frame and you are up and running!
ClickBank Widget

This is a vertical widget for ClickBank.
If you are not familiar with ClickBank it is a HUGE affiliate link network in which Internet Markets make millions every year.
Often what they do is look for products, and then build a site optimized around the keywords for the products.

Generates a random quote from a file of quotes.
Generates a list with randomly rotated Ads for the vertical areas of the template.
Allows you to place 4 banners size (125x125)
Generates Adsense for the vertical areas. Available Adsense types: Button (125x125),Skyscraper (120x600),Small Square (200x200),Wide Skyscraper (160x600)
Generates Adsense for the central areas. Available Adsense types: Banner (468x60), Large Rectangle (336x280)